Paranormal Investigation At Skating Rink


Screen Shot 2013-01-16 at 9.53.22 AMRick Coherd and his crew from Delmarva Historical Haunts performed an investigation at the Milford Skating Rink in January to determine if the accounts of paranormal activity from owner Carmen Kemper and her staff could be explained. Delmarva Historical Haunts are paranormal specialist but historians at heart. Focusing on the history of a house or property the team begins each investigation through research of the location and the people who worked or lived there.

Using ghost detecting tools such as an Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP), Electro Magnetic Field (EMF) Meter and Infared (IR) cameras Mr. Coherd and his team have experienced paranormal activity at multiple levels at several locations throughout Delaware. During an investigation at Fort Delaware last spring the team heard and recorded voices inside the fort using a device called an EVP, which amplifies sound in real time so that the investigators can listen while they explore a site.

Conducting an original walk through in October of this year, Rick states that his team was interested in doing the project in his hometown of Milford because of the suspicious behavior that the Skating Rink staff has been talking about for years. During the 5 hour investigation, Rick commented that his team did pick up some unusual activity while there. Reviewing some of the tape already, the team has released that they observed some paranormal activity including unexplained sounds of movement, strange activity with electronic devices and even recognizable voices.

Opening as a Skating Center in 1982, by Charles Wahleg, the site of investigation was once a pharmacy and automotive shop, dating back to the nineteenth Century. According to the current owner of the Milford Skating Rink, Carmen Kemper, the location has seen some paranormal activity over the years that are rooted in unfortunate circumstances.

“We have felt and seen a lot of different things going on that it is not us doing it,” commented Ms. Kemper. “It is someone else doing it.”

The first site inside the Skating Rink that was investigated was the skate rental counter. Members of the staff have reported skates falling off their racks and landing right side up on top of the counter, which is several feet away from where they are stored. Ms. Kemper thinks that it may been a deceased employee that worked at the rink that always made sure that the skates were maintained correctly.

“I feel that he is here all the time watching us to make sure we are doing things right,” commented Ms. Kemper. The smock worn by the individual while he was working at the Rink still hangs in the back room on a nail.

The Delmarva Historical Haunts crew were also taken to the DJ booth at the rink as Ms. Kemper discussed how the staff talks about feeling hot and cold spots while working there and has had several instances where electronics play music while the equipment is turned off. Carmen believes that it may be due to a popular, young DJ that worked at the Rink before he passed away.

The investigation produced over 70 hours of tape that the Historic Haunts crew will now analyze, review and determine if there is paranormal activity at the Skating Rink.

“I am fascinated by the responses we got during the investigation,” commented Rick. “It has some paranormal activity and in a few weeks when we review everything we might know some more. As far as it being haunted, I have to have more from the tapes.”