Carmean Honored at Rotary Dinner

Jackie and Richard Carmean.
Jackie and Richard Carmean.

On Saturday, January 26 Milford Rotary Club held their annual Evening of Friendship at the Milford Senior Center. Traditionally the event honors individuals that have served Milford with distinction for years. City Manger Carmean was chosen to be honored at this year’s dinner as gratitude for his 43 years of service with the City of MIlford. Guest speakers of the evening included State Senator F. Gary Simpson, State Representative Harvey Kenton, former Mayor Judge hudson and David Burton.

Richard Carmean has a long history working with the City of Milford. Mr. Carmean began as a deputy in the Milford Police Department, where he served for seven years, before becoming Chief of Police for the City of Milford for 25 years. In 1997 he became City Manager for 11 years. After retiring for three years Carmean was rehired as Director of Economic Development and one year later hired back as the City Manager of the City of Milford, the position he currently holds.

Senator Gary Simpson began the evening by telling the story of how he first was introduced to Mr. Carmean. Home from college one day Gary was taking the turn around King’s Highway in Milford, he admits a little too fast, and he was pulled over by the Milford Police. As they called in the Chief, Gary first met the man that he would be honoring for 43 years of service to Milford decades later. Senator Simpson presented Mr. Carmean with a tribute from the Delaware State Senate recognizing Richard as a “great stabilizing force in Milford and a friend to so many.”

David Burton spoke next on the successes of the Milford community over the last 50 years stating that in 1960 the town of Milford was not who the people of Milford were. He talked of a disparaging downtown and a riverfront that was shameful and the resources, efforts and individuals it took to bring Milford back as a vibrant community.

“Central to all the successes was a good government and a lot of that time we have seen Dick Carmean at the tiller,” commented Mr. Burton. “I owe a great deal of gratitude to him tonight.”

Former Mayor Judge Hudson, a lifelong friend of Richard took the stage and spoke about the man that he calls his ‘brother’. Growing up in Milton, DE and attending college in Kentucky with Richard, Judge Hudson recapped nostalgic memories from their childhood. Mostly involving their trips to Milford from Milton in Hudson’s family car, that was not theirs to take, Carmean and Hudson found themselves many times in trouble with mom and dad.

After the guest speakers were finished, Carmean was asked to say a few words and he did with a humble tone.

“The one constant has been the people of Milford, they were always there for me, this is an honor,” commented Richard. “The people of Milford helped me raise my family and I hope for the most part I earned it. My success has been based from the people I work for.”

The funds generated from the event will help supplement programs which reach a wide range of Milford students.  The Milford Rotary Club has assisted the Music Department, the Math Department and the Science Department to purchase supplies, train teachers in special programs and upgrade equipment. At the event, Milford’s choral students entertained guests as they displayed their talents to the crowd.  To date, the Evening of Friendship has generated $325,000 which has been invested in the education of Milford children.