MSD Seeking Wellness Fair Partners


The Milford School District Wellness Committee is inviting the Milford community to the first annual Milford School District Community Wellness Fair to be held on March 16 from 9 to 11:30 am at Milford Central Academy. Focusing on overall wellness in all 7 schools in the district throughout the year, Milford teachers and administrators are inviting Milford parents, families and community members to be involved with their child’s health and wellness education.

“We educate our students on how to live a healthy life on a daily basis but it is parental involvement that will really help these kids establish healthy life choices,” commented Sylvia Henderson, Director of Student Support. “Establishing healthy families will allow our students to grow up in a healthy community and prepare them for the future.”

Families will have the opportunity to participate in wellness education for all grades, K through 12. Familiar to the elementary school students, Milford teachers will be presenting the MyPlate initiative from the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Child Nutritionist Supervisor Bev Harp along with administration and cafeteria staff have challenged the students at their schools to try fresh fruits and vegetables at every meal by educating them on their benefits in a fun way. Joanne Joseph, Cafeteria Manager, facilitates a ‘ Veggie of the Month’ program for the students where they learn about the variety of vegetables available to them.

Milford School District staff will also be sharing their districtwide health initiatives with parents, encouraging families to be involved by leading by example. Milford teachers are part of several wellness programs during the year including the wellness olympics, yoga sessions and boot camp. The District believes that a healthy staff will project onto the students when they are deciding to make healthy life choices.

“We want to see our kids more active, we want to increase their awareness and develop healthy habits,” commented School Nurse Sue Smith. We urge them to eat five vegetables a day; spend two hours less time on the computer and participate in one hour of physical activity.”

Milford School District is actively pursuing physical and mental health organizations to participate in this year’s Community Wellness Fair. Organizations and businesses wanting to reserve a table are encouraged to contact Sylvia Henderson by phone at 302-422-1639 or by email at by Friday, February 15.

While no commercial items or services will be permitted to be for sale that day, organizations may have informational material promoting health, wellness and quality of life for district residents and students. Reserved tables will be of no cost to the business or organization. The wellness committee is supporting a wellness way of life and hopes to educate the community on wellness and healthy living.