Wellness Olympic Challenge Kicks Off


picture for wellness olympic challengeBy MHS Student Reporter Bethany Campbell

Milford School District’s annual Wellness Olympic Challenge kicked off last Monday, January 28, with one week of eating a healthy, well-balanced breakfast. The Wellness Olympic Challenge, in its second year, is an eight-week health/nutrition challenge for any employee of the school district. Organized by Evelyn I. Morris’s physical education teacher, Michelle Peters, it challenges employees to a new “healthy event” each week.

In the following eight weeks MSD employees will be eating fruit and vegetables, enjoying 10 minutes of quiet time, eating seafood for protein, allowing oneself half of the normal caffeine intake and drinking water and exercising.
“We encourage them to make the challenges cumulative,” said Ms. Peters. “That way, you’re really improving your overall health as you go.”

Competitors earn one point per day if they complete the challenge. At the end of the week, they return a point slip to that specific school’s “coach” showing how much success they had in that week. Ms. Peters said that she’s happy to be at the head of the challenge.

“I feel being healthy is important for everyone. It helps you feel good about yourself and enjoy life to the fullest,” she commented.

The Wellness Olympic Challenge is set to conclude on March 22. After the last week, competitors tally up the points they earned for the entire eight weeks and attend a closing ceremony, at a date to be determined. They will receive gold, silver and bronze metals, depending on their amount of points. Each competitor will also receive a certificate of participation and “better health habits, which is obviously the most important part,” said Ms. Peters.