City Council Approves Garbage Can Fee


cityhall211By Terry Rogers

At the regular meeting of Milford’s City Council on Monday, February 11, council members voted unanimously to approve a new fee and restrictions on canceling garbage pickup within the city.

According to City Manager Richard Carmean, the city office gets many calls from residents who will not be at their resident for extended periods, as well as from those who own rental properties that are vacant, requesting cancellation of garbage pickup at those addresses. In an effort to assist city residents, Carmean investigated the feasibility of offering such a service.

“It would be difficult for the city to keep track of what addresses do and do not get trash pickup if the can is not returned to the city,” Carmean explained. “Therefore, we needed to come up with a fee to be imposed if the city comes out and picks up the garbage cans, since now we could be picking up three cans, what with recycling, regular garbage and yard waste cans. In addition, we cannot offer the service on a short-term basis, as it could create significant work for the city.”

Carmean presented a proposal to the council requiring that pickup and re-delivery of the waste cans be set at $35, and that any cancellation must be for a minimum of three months. This would allow residents living in the city who spend part of the year in another home, such as those who own beach homes or spend winters in warmer locations, the ability to avoid paying garbage collection costs during the time they are not residing in Milford. They would simply contact the City when they return, pay the fee and the cans would be returned.

Because Milford is rental unit heavy, the council agreed that the service could not be offered to rental property owners unless the property was vacant at least three months.