Milford Heritage Resident Turns 104


104On Monday, February 11 Heritage at Milford resident Kathryn “Kitty” Reynolds turned 104 years of age. Born on February 11, 1909, Kitty has experienced most of what many call the “American Century.” Living through WWI, The Great Depression, WWII, the Civil Rights Movement, man landing on the moon and countless other historical events, she experienced what made America an international superpower.

Katherine married her husband “Andy” in 1930 and the couple was together for 70 years and 10 months before Andy passed away at age 92. They had a daughter, Joan Tresnak, that was married but had no children. After retirement Kitty and Andy travelled the United States in their motor home as they spent their winter months in Brownsville, Texas.

When asked about how living through the “American Century” was, Katherine simply replied, “You didn’t think about growing up through those events, you just lived life as it came and went along with it.

Kitty’s closest living relative is her sister-in-law Ethel VanHenkle who has known Katherine since she married her brother in 1944. The VanHenkles and the Reynolds spent a lot of their lives together. Ethel states that the two were together when President Roosevelt declared the United States’ involvement in WWII over the radio waves.

“We ran out into the streets as all the neighbors did and talked about what was going on,” commented Ethel. “Things were a lot different back then, people were a lot more patriotic. We used to watch the troops leave the train station and no one complained about rationing because we knew if was for the war effort.”

Throughout her life Kitty loved to crochet, Swedish embroidery and knitting, which she taught to Ethel. Now at Heritage at Milford, Kitty loves to play bridge and eat.

When asked about what experiences really stand out she commented, “That’s hard to know, have you ever been 104 years old?” To celebrate her birthday the staff at Heritage threw a “Downton Abbey” theme party with tea and cake served by a ‘British Maid’.