Ross Students Send Valentines To Veterans

U.S. Congressman Carney receives Valentines for Veterans from students at Lulu Ross Elementary School.
U.S. Congressman Carney receives Valentines for Veterans from students at Lulu Ross Elementary School.

On Monday, February 11, United States Congressman John Carney (D-DE) visited Lulu Ross Elementary School in Milford to launch his “Valentines for Vets” program. Picking up Valentine’s Day cards created by students in second through fifth grade, Representative Carney delivered the messages to individuals at the Delaware’s Veterans’ Home, located off of Airport Road in Milford.

A collective effort by more than 13 classrooms between Lulu Ross and Mispillion Elementary schools, the Valentine for Veterans program was facilitated by Principal Cindy McKenzie as her staff taught students about the importance of veterans and the role they play serving in the United States military.

“Veterans and active service members give so much to the community, and they are great examples for our children to follow,” said Cynthia McKenzie, Principal at Lulu Ross Elementary School.  “Making valentines is a small way for our students to show their appreciation.  I want to thank Congressman Carney for giving us the opportunity to participate, and I hope we can turn this project into an ongoing partnership between our students and the veterans in our community.”

Forth grader Emma Sekscinski created a large heart shaped valentine for the veterans that read, “My heart would be broken without you.” She wanted to make it clear that veterans are appreciated for serving their country. “No matter what they did I want them to understand that they did something to help us,” commented Emma. “Although they do not always see the love I want them to know that they did something important.”

Forth grader Abby Baird wanted to reach out to the veterans because her grandfather is a veteran of the U.S. military. “Even if we do not know exactly what they did we should always remember that they are fighting for us,” commented Abby.

This year marks the second year that Congressman John Carney has run the “Valentines for Vets” program. Carney believes it is important for school children to understand the role that veterans play in our society and to appreciate their sacrifices. He was pleased to see how many of the students had a personal connection to a veteran, whether it was a family member or friend.

“Delaware veterans are extremely appreciative when someone thanks them for their service to our nation,” said Congressman Carney.  “Valentines for Vets is a great opportunity for young people to make a personal connection with a veteran and learn about the brave men and women who dedicate themselves to serving our country.”