Stranger Returns Lost Wallet After 3 Years


haroldHarold Walls of Milford has worked for the City of Milford Public Works Department for eight years as a solid waste technician. Three years ago on the job he misplaced his wallet and in a twist of fate it was found three years later over 700 miles away and returned back to Milford.

In March of 2010, Harold came to work and stepped onto the same solid waste truck that he had operated for years. Placing his wallet inside the cabin to keep it safe, he could not find it at the end of the work day as he searched the truck up and down, inside and out. Not only holding his license and credit cards, the wallet held $800 that Harold planned to purchase a television with later that evening. He stated that he went through a range of emotions once he realized it was lost including anger and frustration until he decided to just “let it be.”

That truck that had accompanied Harold on so many trips was months later taken out of commission and placed in the City of Milford Public Works Yard for a year until it was sold to Barry Buck, a potato farmer in Maine. Transitioning the solid waste truck into a vehicle to haul potatoes on their farm, Mr. Buck took out the seats and found the wallet that belonged to Mr. Walls.

“When my nephew found it it was full of cash,” commented Mr. Buck. “We thought we better get it back to the rightful owner.” After some research on the internet Barry discovered that Harold worked in Milford and decided to call his employer. Director of City of Milford Public Works Brad Dennehy stated that Mr. Buck called his office inquiring whether Mr. Walls still worked for the City. When Dennehy told him he did, the wallet was shipped from Maine to Delaware with all of its contents included.

All of this was unknown to Harold and three years after Walls had originally lost his wallet he received a surprise from his boss on his way into work. His supervisor Tim Webb handed Walls a wallet and Harold could not believe his eyes as he opened it and realized it was his from three years ago.

“When he handed me the wallet I just stood there in shock,” commented Mr. Walls. “I opened it up and I saw my license, bank cards and everything clean down to the $800 I had left in there, it was like getting paid twice in one day.”

Harold has expressed unrestricted gratitude towards Mr. Buck and looks forward to speaking with him directly. “That farmer is an outstanding citizen. He is honest, trustworthy and that’s something you cannot find here anymore,” added Walls.

With the $800 returned, Harold decided to buy that television that he wanted to purchase 3 years ago, stating “that’s what the money was intended for.” Mr. Walls hopes to speak with Barry soon to share his gratitude for the returned wallet and to explain that the wallet itself was the most valuable item returned; it was given to Harold by his wife and kids on Father’s Day years ago.