DE Mobile Photographers To Host Walk Downtown


As mobile technology continues to rapidly grow, so does the influence of mobile photography and art throughout our society. Intrigued by seeing the world through a new generation’s set of tools, groups such as IGersDelaware (Instagtramers Delaware) and Delaware Mobile Photographers have gathered across the state to share their experiences through the devices of smart phones. Using smart phones as an additional tool of the trade, not replacing traditional cameras all together, photographers like David Norbut have explored the art of photography through hand held devices.

“I don’t view mobile photography as its own medium, it’s still photography. My iPhone is simply my pocket camera, always by my side. I approach everything the same way regardless of the camera,”commented cofounder of IGersDelaware, David Norbut. “The mobile camera, is an all-in-one, camera, post process and internet. Creativity is constantly flowing in the palm of our hands, Shoot, edit, share.”
On Saturday, March 23 a mobile photography walk will be held in downtown Milford, by Delaware Mobile Photographers, as participants will explore the town and photograph what inspires them. This is the first time the group is traveling south of New Castle.

After participating in mobile photography walks himself in other cities around the state of Delaware, member of Delaware Mobile Photographers and Milford native JD Bennett encouraged the group to travel to Milford to experience the small town.

“Since most of the photographers that will be participating in the Milford walk are from upstate, it will be interesting to see what they discover in Milford,” commented Bennett. “I want them to see Milford and discover the small business community and beauty of the Riverwalk.”

Developing his love of photography from his father, Bennett picked up his first point-and-shoot camera in high school. A self-taught student of photography, his talent and equipment grew along with his experience. Bennet is encouraged that mobile photography will increase a younger generation’s desire to learn traditional photography and help them to experience the world around them.

“What I like about mobile photography is that you can get quality photos from something aside from your SLR camera,” stated Bennett. The SLR camera he refers to is what most entry level to professionals use. “…it’s compact and you always have that with you, unlike the SLR where it can become bulky to carry around.”

On Saturday, March 23 the Delaware Mobile Photographers will be meeting in downtown Milford and be guided as a group through the historic and business districts and the Riverfront area. After the two to three hour walk, mobile photographers will visit a local restaurant or pub to discuss their photographs as a group.

“These photo walks are open to everyone. All skill levels, all types of folks, all types of cameras, though we primarily shoot with our smart phones,” stated Norbut. “These walks also always end with all of us going out for beers afterwards. It’s a good way to get to know each other and share tips, tricks and photos.

To learn more about Delaware Mobile Photographers, IGersDelaware and about the influence mobile photographers are playing on traditional photography, individuals are encouraged to join both groups on their Facebook page to get involved.