Sullivan’s Celebrates 25 Years


Screen Shot 2013-03-19 at 9.56.47 AMIn 1988 John and Laura Sullivan began their first family-owned business Sullivan’s Landscaping from their farm in South Bowers Beach, north of Milford. Twenty-five years later they have not only expanded the business to include a Garden Center on Route 1 but have also grown the business to include three generations of the Sullivan family.

Working for others, John with Habitat Design Group and Laura at a doctor’s office, the couple decided it was time to invest in themselves as they opened their new business. With only one year of marriage behind them, they decided that Sullivan’s Landscaping would be their new venture as they began landscaping, irrigation and maintenance services for Kent and Sussex Counties.

“The business was doing well but well continued to see a lot of activity in the Milford area and we saw the need to open up a location to keep up with demand,” commented Laura Sullivan.

In 1999 the Sullivan family opened the Garden Center, just 2 miles north of Milford on Route 1, expanding their business to include customers that prefer to landscape themselves or need specific items for maintenance. John and Laura’s mother and father joined the business as his mother Susan worked with customers at the store and his father Cliff worked as the business’ accountant. Years later the couple’s sons Joel and Colby joined the family business as Joel worked out in the field on the landscaping side of the company and Colby began learning the books and marketing strategies in the office.

“It’s nice to have a family-owned business because everything you do has your last name on it,” commented Colby. “..because of that you make sure everything is done right and the customers’ satisfaction is a high priority.”

Landscaping, irrigation and maintenance services are the main force that drive the business as their fleet of vehicles circle the Greater Milford Area from the first sight of Spring. Their professionals concentrate on all perimeter areas, landscape beds, trees and driveways. Their crews provide services include edging, mulch installation, pruning, chemical applications, tree and shrub care, seasonal flowers, pond and basin care, debris removal, irrigation and design and enhancement.

The Garden Center, located at 1920 Bay Road, provides everything for the do-it-yourself homeowner including flowers, shrubs, and trees as well as palletized tone, bulk and bag stone, bulk and bagged mulch, aluminum edging, typar material, fertilizer and grass seed, organic products, decorative garden supplies, bird baths, benches, wrought iron decorative items and everything for the pond owner. Whether their customers want John and his crew to take over landscaping and maintenance needs year round or they want to add to their property by doing the work themselves, Sullivan’s works directly with the customers to give them what they desire.

“Whether it is our landscaping services or our garden store we offer superior support for our customers and focus on exactly what they want done,” commented owner John Sullivan. “We will educate and guide them by our experiences and enjoy allowing them to take control of the creative process.”

Sullivan’s landscaping is open Monday through Friday 8am to 6pm,  Saturday 8am to 5pm and Sunday 10am to 4pm, and can be reached after hours at Individuals interested in landscaping, irrigation and maintenances services for this season are encouraged to contact the business by phone at 302-335-5317.