Wyman Awarded Morris Teacher Of The Year


wymanSue Wyman, prekindergarten teacher at Morris Early Childhood Center, was named Morris’ 2013 Teacher of the Year. She has now been with the Milford School District for 18 years, a total of 21 years of teaching.

Spending two years of undergraduate training at Towson State College in Towson, Maryland, she spent her last two years of undergraduate training at the University of Maryland in College Park, Maryland.  Wyman graduated from Maryland Summa Cum Laude and received her degree in Elementary Education with a minor in Mathematics. Her graduate work was completed at Delaware State College and the University of Delaware where she completed requirements for a certification in Early Childhood Special Education.

“I wanted to become a teacher since I was a little girl,” commented Mrs Wyman. “I loved school so much and developed great relationships with my teachers who inspired me.”

Starting her teaching career in Capitol School District, she taught 6th grade English for one year and then 6th grade Mathematics for two years at Central Middle School in Dover. After taking some time off to raise her two sons, Wyman was hired by the Milford School District to teach kindergarten and now teaches prekindergarten with the Early Childhood Education Program at Morris Early Childhood Center in Lincoln.

“Every kid is different every day, you really need a whole bag of tricks for each student,” commented Mrs. Wyman. “You need to take into consideration not only how they respond in the classroom but also their background at home.”

She is a firm believer that all children need a team of adults to stand behind them as they learn and grow. Wyman strives to give all of her students the best education possible, at their level, and addressing their needs, so that they may be moved toward reaching their greatest academic and social potential.

“You always have to be prepared as a teacher of young students,” commented Mrs. Wyman. “You have to prepare them with academic, social, life skills and how to interact with others. You really have to verbalize the cognitions that go through your head during normal situations because they do need have that yet.”

Wyman will now compete at the district level, against her peers in the Milford School District, where the winner of that competition will face distinguished teachers from across the state of Delaware.