Firefighters Ensure Citizens’ Safety

Training Night 031213 11
Photos By H Makhtany

Glenn A. Gillespie, Vice President Carlisle Fire Co

Tuesday evening is typically training night for the officers and members of Carlisle Fire Company in Milford and last tuesday they covered several different stations to better familiarize, understand and build confidence in their members. Participants engaged in various stations involving a simulated low air maze as well as a review involving ropes and the methodology in drags and carries. Since the start of the new year, changes in several of the operational officers has resulted in training nights becoming more instructional as well as aggressive.

The officers in charge of training have been successful with insuring all that participate have an enjoyable experience creating a fun atmosphere while still maintaining an educational foundation to building confidence individually as well as collectively with the members participating in the weekly training sessions. Though all of the members of Carlisle have been or are continuing to attend training classes at the State Fire School, the members routinely review various aspects of the training they have already received to ensure their proficiency to the multiple tasks firefighters are expected to perform when the alarm sounds.

While driving by the station on a Tuesday evening it may not be the guys and gals responding to an emergency, but the members assembled for another evening of training. The commitment and dedication the local volunteer firefighters endure ensures citizens of the Greater Milford Area and across Delmarva the utmost professionalism dealing with any fire, rescue or EMS emergency. Individuals interested in joining the men and women of the Carlisle Fire Company are encouraged to stop by any Tuesday evening and check out the training and learn more about becoming a volunteer firefighter in Milford. The Fire House is located at 615 NW Front Street in Milford and can be reached by calling 302-422-8001.