Tkach Named New Athletic Director


SONY DSCBy Kevin Eickman

At the March 25 Milford School Board meeting, Mike Tkach, long-term football coach for Milford High School, was named as the new Athletic Director for Milford as Glen Stevenson was promoted to Supervisor of Building and Grounds for the Milford School District.

Tkach has traveled a long road to get to where he is. Born and raised in Lehighton, Pennslyvania., he graduating from West Chester University and traveled to Nashville Tennessee where he embarked on a career as an athletic trainer wit Pat Croce Sports Physical Therapists. His tenure lasted 14 years and gave Tkach a solid foundation in sports medicine. After four years, Tkach was a Clinic Manager for Croce Sports and assistant trainer for the Atlanta Hawks of the National Basketball Association.

While working with professional athletes might seem glamorous and exciting, Tkach was beginning to understand that there was a huge price to be paid, having to spend 18-hour days at work on a routine basis. While the work didn’t bother him, the time that he was missing with his family was something he was not thrilled about. “I would go to work, come home and have to turn right around and do it again,” commented Tkach.“I would stop in and take a look at my daughter Maggie in the crib, and I realized that if this continued I was going to miss her growing up.”

In 2001 the family made a decision to move closer to Tkach’s family in Pennsylvania. With a teaching and coaching position available at Milford High School, Tkach was also given the chance to implement a sports medicine program at the school. While the trip to Milford took considerable time, Tkach said that it was a school he had passed by many times as a child. “My parents have a camper down at Tuckahoe Acres, I just never had a clue that this would be where I ended up.” Like many people who move to Milford, he fell in love quickly. “This is a great community, with fantastic people in it. This is a wonderful place to raise a family,” said Tkach.

During his twelve years at Milford, Tkach began to work closely with Stevenson in the area of grounds and facilities. When the position of Athletic Director became available, Tkach applied for the position. “This is a great opportunity and kind of ties into the coverage that Tom Pickard and I do with regards to athletic training,” Tkach said.

Tkach knows that he has a big challenge ahead of him, and is looking forward to getting started. “There is a lot of work to be done, and I am looking forward to it.” he said.