FFA Places At State Convention


IMG_0129Every year hundreds of high school students, advisors, and guests from across the state of Delaware head to Newark for the annual FFA State Convention. The students compete at Career Development Events (CDEs), participate in workshops, and receive awards based on their performance in the FFA. A group of 35 students and 4 advisors represented the Milford FFA Chapter this year during the two day event held last week. The chapter did an outstanding job receiving many awards for their hard work over the past several months.

FFA members from Milford competed in many CDE’s including, Agriculture Sales, Creed Speaking, Milk Quality and Products, Floriculture, Extemporaneous Speaking, Job Interview, Prepared Public Speaking, and Parliamentary Procedure.

The Milk Quality and Products team participates in a competition where individuals identify several types of cheeses, milk defects, determine dairy versus non-dairy products, score milker units for defects, as well as take a milk production test. The dairy team also participates in a team event. The dairy team consisting of Clay Shirey , Colby Miller, Ellie Pitman and Melissa Blew placed 1st. The Dairy Foods team will be traveling to the National FFA Convention representing the state of Delaware.
The Parliamentary Procedures is a team event where members conduct a professional business meeting in order to demonstrate their knowledge of parliamentary law. They debate on motions in a realistic way and record the meeting minutes. The team placed 4th and was made up Mike Skivers, Alyssum Zeman, Cara Zeman, Katie Hopkins, Katie Maloney and Valerie VanVorst.

Job Interview is an individual CDE that puts the students through a job search and interview process. The students first build a factual resume and cover letter for a career of their choice. They then fill out an employment application, go through a phone interview, a personal interview, and a follow up letter. Two Milford students participated in the contest, Trevor Maloney and placed 2nd and Raven Williams who placed 9th.

Floriculture is a team event where individuals identify 40 flower species, create a floral arrangement, go through a personal interview, identify pests and plant disorders, participate in a team activity related to floriculture, and take a test. The team consisted of Shannon Hollingsworth, Kaelin Corr, Amanda Grose, and Brooklyn Maloney. The team placed 8th overall. The 6-8th grade Floriculture team consisting of Kayla Garnick
Jamie Fuhr, Deanna Maloney, Brittany Webb and Mark Hollingsworth placed 1st.

Agriculture Sales is an event where they chose an agricultural product to sell and assigned a team event for selling another agricultural product to sell as a team. Mikaela Hermstedt,, Jowellene Pacarro, andTravis Szypiotko made placed 2nd.

Creed Speaking is an event, which is where the individual takes on the responsibility of learning and memorizing the FFA Creed. The Creed is a five paragraph statement of the FFA beliefs and values. After presenting the Creed, members are asked questions about the meaning of the Creed and how it relates to their lives. Brielle Hernstedt placed 1st and Cherub Rust also competed, representing Milford FFA.

Extemporaneous Speaking is an event in which the participants must pick a topic at the day of the contest and prepare a 4 to 6 minute speech based about the chosen agricultural related topic. They have 30 minutes to prepare for the speech once they have chosen their topic. Emily Carey and Angela Kalesis were the two Milford members.

Meat judging participants identify wholesale and retails cuts of meats and pork. They also have to place different classes of meat from best to worse. The team consisted of Charles Peterson, Alexis Doughty, Cayley Robbins and Kari Corr placing 7th.

In addition to the CDEs, six students recieves State FFA Degrees including Colby Miller,
Mikaela Hermstedt, Libby Seaman, Bree Wilkins, Dana Dittoe and five students received Profeciency Awards including Mikaela Hermstedt, Brittany Webb, Wendy Hill, Chelsea Lowder and Brandi Paquette.