MSD Athletes Must Have Sports Physical


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By Sue Smith, School Nurse

Students that will be in grades 6th through 12th that are planning to participate in school sports for the School Year 2013-2014, must have a DIAA sports physical on file in the Nurses Office. This physical must be completed after April 1, 2013 for school year 2013-2014 The nurses and coaches encourage students to have their physical completed and turned in to the nurses office, prior to August 5, to ensure students can participate in practice for fall sports. Parents and Students if the student does not have a completed DIAA sports physical on file, they may not participate in practice until the physical is completed and on file in the nurse’s office.

Students that have any type of medical need, such as asthma, must have an asthma care plan and medication permission slip completed with their physical. Students with bee allergies or any other allergy and requires Benadryl or an epi pen, must also have a medical care plan and medication permission slip on file in the nurse’s office. Permission to carry their inhaler and or epi pen must be in writing from the doctor. Student that are currently in the 8th grade through 11th grade, may have their sports physical completed at the MHS Wellness Center. If the student is not a member of the Wellness Center, applications can be picked up from the Nurse, the office or the Wellness Center. Bring the completed forms to the school nurse and an appointment will be scheduled. If you have any questions, please contact the school nurses Sue Smith, Milford Central Academy, at 430-7911; Cheryl Rash, Milford High School at 422-1653; or Kim Cole, Milford Middle School at 422-1655.