30 Exotic Parrots Surrendered To SPCA


Kent County SPCA put out the call this week to find homes for the 30 exotic parrots that were seized from a Georgetown residence. According to Elizabeth M. Butts, Public Relations Coordinator for Kent County SPCA, the birds include Macaws, African Greys and Amazons. They were said to be living in small cages, sometimes two to a cages and show signs of stress.

“The parrots range from perfect condition to many having been feather plucked and some have scissor beaks,” commented Ms. Butts. “Feather plucking is a stress response in birds where they literally pluck the feathers off of their body’s until they are completely bare.”

SPCA officials state that this case was not a hoarding situation, just a situation where a kind-hearted individual who has been trying to do the right thing fell on hard times and could no longer provide the needed care and attention for these animals.
As some of the parrots are already up for adoption SPCA officials highly recommend experienced bird people consider adopting them so that they are not returned due to unmet expectations. The organization cautions that adopting a large parrot is a life-long commitment, as these birds will most likely outlive their owners with life expectancies of 80 years and longer.


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“We are taking our time processing these birds and ensuring their health; and they require specialty feed and care that we are not normally equipped for,” commented Ms. Butts. “We ask the public for assistance in funds or large parrot specific supplies.”

Instead of seeded diets, the SPCA requests pelleted diets for these birds because of their nutrition value. If individuals are unsure of which food to donate, the SPCA urge people to ask their local pet stores for help. The organization suggests that even toys would be a great distraction for the parrots “as parrots require a lot of stimulation or they will get bored quickly”.

Individuals interested in adopting one of the parrots, are urged to visit the shelter to meet them in person or call ahead at 302-698-3006 to find out more about them. The Kent County SPCA is located at 32 Shelter Circle in Camden, DE 19934.  Donations are accepted online through Paypal at www.kcspca.org and all donations to the Kent County SPCA are tax deductible.