Nunsensations Set To Premiere In April

from left to right- Elizabeth Dissinger, Allie Buchanan, Becki Polk, Steven Haber, and Susan Newark.
from left to right- Elizabeth Dissinger, Allie Buchanan, Becki Polk, Steven Haber, and Susan Newark.

By Bostik Johnson

Second Street Players are currently preparing for their wickedly funny musical production of Dan Goggin’s Nunsensations: “The Nunsense Vegas Review”. The musical will premiere on Friday, April 26 at the Riverfront Theater, 2 S. Walnut Street in downtown Milford. The musical runs for two weekends and can be seen Friday through Sunday, April 26 to 28 and May 3 to 5. Friday and Saturday shows will be at 8 pm and the Sunday matinees will be at 3 pm.

The Vegas Review is the sixth installment of the very popular Nunsense series written by Dan Goggin. This time the five sisters find themselves in the gambling mecca of Las Vegas after a parishioner offers the sisters $10,000 to perform in a Vegas club. The Reverend Mother is of course hesitant to accept the offer but after being convinced from the other sisters, the Reverend Mother adapts the Las Vegas philosophy of “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”.

The Second Street Players have recruited Christopher Clawson to direct the cast of true seasoned theatre veterans which include Steven Haber (Rehoboth) playing Sister Hubert, Susan Newark (Milford) playing Sister Amnesia, Becki Polk (Milford) playing Revered Mother, Allie Buchanan (Georgetown) playing Sister Robert Anne, and Elizabeth Dissinger (Milford) playing Sister Leo.
This will mark Clawson’s directorial debut for the Second Street Players. He was picked to direct the musical because of his knowledge in dancing and his performance in last years holiday production of The Nutcracker Ballet. A smart choice since most of the cast finds the difficult part of this musical is the dancing.

“None of the cast has really danced before, so it’s been very challenging,” Clawson said. “But they are all very seasoned and they are progressing very well.”

Allie Buchanan who last preformed in the Children’s Dessert Theater production of “Puss in Boots” has the difficult task of playing Sister Robert Anne who has a Brooklyn accent.

“I had to watch a lot of YouTube videos about Brooklyn accents and practice over and over again to get it right,” Buchanan said. “But it’s worth it because my character is the one who always seems to get in trouble with Reverend Mother and I love playing the rebel of the group, it’s a lot of fun.”

Elizabeth Dissinger who was last seen preforming in the production of Diary of Anne Frank last September, stepped into the role of Sister Leo a month in a half into rehearsals and the cast appreciates her hard work for catching up.
“I just jumped in feet first and I feel ready,” Dissinger commented. “I have worked with all of my cast members before at some point and it has been really fun getting to know Christopher.”

The show promises to be sequin-studded, fan dancing, feather-filled, musical madness to delight everyone in the crowd. Reserved tickets are $20 and can be purchased online at, by phone at 1-800-838-3006, or tickets can be purchased on show nights at the door.