City to Consider Compensation for Planning Commission Members


By Terry Rogers

At the regular monthly meeting of the Milford City Council, Councilman Dirk Gleysteen proposed that council consider offering compensation to the members of the city’s Planning Commission members. Councilman Gleysteen requested that an amendment be made to Milford’s Code of Ordinances, Chapter 57, Section 5 which states that “All members of the Commission shall serve without compensation, but may be reimbursed for actual expenses incurred in connection with their official duties.”

“The chairman and committee members of the Planning Commission contribute considerable time to matters regarding planning and zoning matters for the city,” Councilman Gleysteen explained. “I think it is reasonable to offer them compensation similar to what council currently enjoys.”

Other council members agreed with Councilman Gleysteen’s assessment, stating that planning and zoning matters often require significant research and investigation.

“I have no problem with offering compensation to those committee members,” Councilman Skip Pikus explained. “The members must investigate matters that come before them. They have monthly meetings, many of which can last quite some time. They are responsible to decipher city codes that are sometimes very confusing, and make recommendations to council so that we can make informed decisions.”

Councilman Doug Morrow suggested putting the matter on the agenda of the next Finance Committee meeting, and Councilman Pikus, who oversees the Finance Committee, agreed. There was no discussion of an amount to compensate the planning commission members as Councilman Pikus wanted to review the budget with the Finance Committee before making suggestions regarding the amount of compensation.

“Even a small amount would benefit these members who provide a valuable service to the city,” Councilman Pikus stated. “The time these men and women put into their decisions is often above and beyond what they need to do, and we should offer them some sort of compensation.”

City Council voted unanimously to refer the matter to the Finance Committee.