Academy Teachers Move to the High School


By Elyssa Buczkowski, MHS Student Reporter

The decision made January 28 to close Milford Middle School will cause grades sixth through eighth to exist in Milford Central Academy while the high school will once again house grades nine through twelve. Ninth grade teachers who are currently in the academy are getting used to the idea of transitioning to Milford High School. Many of the teachers already know their new locations, some of which are currently storage rooms.

“It’ll be great to have the traditional ninth through twelfth grades back in the high school,” said MHS Principal Dr. David Carter.
“Over the years, the class sizes has grown, and it’ll definitely be a tight fit.”

Mrs. Tanya Humes, an English teacher who has been working at the Academy since its opening, has had the luck of not having to change classrooms during last year’s reorganization of wings. Next school year, Mrs. Humes will be in MHS room 408, which is in fact a storage room that will be transformed into an English class room.

“At first I was very upset about the move, but now I’m excited about the new experience. I told them that they had to steam clean the floors or I wouldn’t be teaching in the room,” said Mrs. Humes with a laugh. “It’ll be good to see all of my kids; in fact, some of them still come back to see me now.”

World History teacher Mr. Nick Brannan is moving to MHS room 618 where agriculture educator Mr. Chris Stahl currently teaches after moving during last year’s reorganization. Incidentally, Mr. Brannan returns to the room where he began with MHS during the 2011-12 school year. Mr. Brannan admits that he will miss the technology of the Academy as well as the building and the people. Though he is also excited to see former students, he also said he is “honestly thankful to have a job.”

“I’m sure the staff, students and parents will come together for success,” said Dr. Carter.