Marshall Runs For Milford School Board


**The polls will be open Tuesday, May 14 from 10am until 8pm at Benjamin Banneker Elementary – 449 North Street; Milford Evelyn I. Morris Early Childhood Center – 8609 Third Street, Lincoln; and Lulu Ross Elementary – 310 Lovers Lane, Milford.**

After the filing deadline for the Milford Board of Education on Friday, March 1, it was determined that six candidate were running for the At-large position. Candidates seeking the At-Large seat for the Milford School District Board of Education include Hunter Emory, Kevin W. Marshall Jr., Natalie R. Shockley, Alan R. Southard, Robert B. Vincelette Jr. and Michael Wells. School Board Elections will be held on Tuesday, May 14, and the winner of the election will serve a five year term. Milford LIVE sat down with candidates and asked them questions regarding our community schools, children and parents.

Kevin Marshall

Kevin Marshall is a 2012 graduate of Milford Senior High School. He was the student representative for the School Board his senior year and is currently enrolled at Delaware Technical and Community College as a Management major, where he belongs to the Alpha Betta Gamma International Business Honor Society.

Why did you decide to run for the Milford School Board ?

I decided to run for the Milford School Board becuase I saw the things that happened behind the scenes when my class was in school and what went on wasn’t right. I also feel our school board is not an accurate representation of the community it serves.

What do you think are the greatest challenges the Milford School Board faces?

In my mind the greatest challenges the school board faces are financing, and innovation.

What would you like to see done with the Milford Middle School building that was recently closed?

I think the Middle School should be used for meetings and offices, of course the parts that are structurally sound.

How do you feel about the implementation of three additional School Resource Officers in the District?

I’m greatfull that the board wants to put resource officers in all of the schools. Officer Melvin couldn’t be everywhere at one time. However, I think there should be an additional officer added so the High School and Academy don’t have to share.

What are your thoughts surrounding DCAS testing ? 

My thoughts surrounding DCAS testing are: it’s a complete mess. Students are being pulled out at different times of the year to test on things they may not have had yet and it disrupts the educational process in the classroom and for the students being pulled out.

Why should voters choose you on election day ?

Voters should choose me on election day because whenever the board takes a walk down memory lane “I remember when I went to high school” it will actually be in this decade or century for that matter. Someone who is in college right now and understands some of the things students will need in high school long before they graduate.