Bayhealth Opens Sleep Center


SleepCare1On Wednesday, April 24, Bayhealth Milford Memorial in partnership with Persante Sleep Care hosted a ribbon cutting ceremony for the new Bayhealth SleepCare Center at Milford, located at 611 S. Dupont Highway. Bayhealth SleepCare Centers offer state-of-the-art sleep disorder testing, including overnight sleep testing and daytime multiple sleep latency testing for adults and children suffering from sleep deprivation and illness resulting from sleep disorders. This facility marks the eighth Persante Sleep Center in Delaware, caring for patients between Wilmington and Georgetown.

Individuals are referred to the facility by their primary care physician for testing of common sleep disorders. At the Sleep Center, patients are administered sleep tests through the monitoring of breathing, heart rates and brain wave activity while they sleep. Offering pediatric to geriatric care for patients in the Greater Milford Area, Bayhealth SleepCare Center offers patients a comfortable experience that feels more like staying in a hotel overnight than in a medical laboratory. The center is composed of six full size bedrooms and several bathrooms for the convenience of each patient during their overnight stay.

Although 80% of sleep disorders treated by the Bayhealth SleepCare Center is sleep apnea, according to Tiffany Thonpson,Director Respiratory Care & Neurodiagnostic Services , patients are also treated for narcolepsy, restless legs syndrome, insomnia and rapid eye movement sleep behavior disorder.

“The field of sleep medicine is fairly new and it is amazing how many technological advances we have made in the last fifteen to twenty years,” commented Thompson. “Not only is the diagnosis improving but physicians can now access sleep studies fro their office or home with a 2 to 5 day turnaround.”

Bayhealth is excited to open its eighth Bayhealth SleepCare Center in the state of Delaware as the demand for sleep services has increased throughout the nation, according to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. Michael Ashton, Administrator at Milford Memorial Hospital, comments that the opening of the Milford facility was a direct result of the demands from the communities that Bayhealth serves.

“The opening of this new facility supports the patient care mission of Bayhealth as the demand for our sleep services have increased,” stated Ashton. “We outgrew the facility at the hospital abd needed a new more patient-friendly facility that fits our overall mission to improve the health status of all members of the Bayhealth community.”