City Council Members Sworn in at Annual Reorganization Meeting


c1By Terry Rogers

On Monday, May 6, 2013, city council members were sworn in at the City of Milford Annual Reorganization Meeting. Dirk Gleysteen, representing Ward 2, Douglas E. Morrow Sr., representing Ward 3 and James O. Starling, Sr., representing Ward 4, returned to city council after being unopposed in the city election. Bryan W. Shupe, representing Ward 1, began his first term on council after being sworn in, after also running unopposed.

The meeting began with City Manager Richard Carmean reading the city code that permitted the city to cancel the election as all races were unopposed.

The Honorable William J. Walls, Jr. officiated the swearing in of Councilmen Gleysteen, Morrow and Starling. Each council member placed their hand on the Gleysteen Family Bible, which was brought to this country by Councilman Gleysteen’s great-great grandfather, and recited the Oath of Office.

Bryan W. Shupe was sworn in by The Honorable William Swain Lee, reciting the Oath of Office using the traditional Bible kept in City Hall. After all members were sworn in and Councilman Shupe took his official seat with the other council members, Mayor Ronnie Rogers congratulated all the newly elected council members and wished them luck throughout their two-year term.

Councilman Morrow was elected Vice-Mayor, and David Rutt was reappointed as City Solicitor for the current year The Workforce Development Commissions were also renewed for another year.

As Councilman Shupe’s first term on city council he sees economic growth, recreation and continued education as priorities during his upcoming term.

“We need to focus on a healthy business environment and create more recreational activities, especially those that utilize the Mispillion River,” Councilman Shupe said. “I would also like to partner with institutes of higher learning to develop continued education.”

Councilman Gleysteen sees several issues facing Ward 2 during his upcoming term.

“My first priority is continued economic growth in the city,” Councilman Gleysteen said. “I want to give children options to stay in Milford after they graduate from high school and college. The disposition of Milford Middle School, which is in my ward, is another issue I am watching closely. There is a lot of historic value and memories, and I think it is important to keep the façade of the building while updating the interior. I also think we need to look at the needs of the police department. They have been in that building for 30 years, so we need to look at their needs and the future growth of the city.”

Councilman Morrow, who represents Ward 3, also sees economic development as an important part of the town’s growth during his next term.

“We need to look at the businesses we already have and make sure they have what they need to succeed,” Councilman Morrow said. “I also want to be sure that those I represent know that I am accessible and have their best interests at heart when I make a decision for the city.”

Councilman Starling, who represents Ward 4, echoed Councilman Shupe’s sentiments on what needs to be a priority in the town.

“There is a lack of things for young people to do,” Councilman Sterling said. “We’ve got to find more things to keep the youth of our city busy. There are few programs in this town that address the needs of the youth, and there are not even public playgrounds within city limits. The only ones are on school grounds.” Councilman Starling also agrees with Councilman Gleysteen that the needs of the police force are a priority for his upcoming term.

The first meeting with the newly elected council members will be held on Monday, May 13, 2013.


Retired Superior Court Judge William Swain Lee swore in Councilman Shupe during Monday's ceremony.
Retired Superior Court Judge William Swain Lee swore in Councilman Shupe during Monday’s ceremony.