Entrepreneurism Is King In Local Economy


6b83235c4bac4f65b216925332aeaa30In a world filled with technology there is no industry left untouched. Even in the landscaping business, where nature is literally the tools of the trade, Sullivan’s Lanscaping of Milford is using a Virtual Impact Imaging program known as Earthscapes to compete with an entrepreneurial advantage. Earthcapes is a photo editing system that allows landscapers to share their design ideas by the process of virtually displaying lanscaping without physically taking out the shovels and heavy equipment.

Family-owned and operated since 1988, Sullivan’s Landscaping has used this newest technology since 2007, as their two sons Colby and Joel begin to leave their mark on the business. Landscaping, irrigation and maintenance services are the main force that drive the business as their fleet of vehicles circle the Greater Milford Area from the first sight of Spring.

“Eathscapes is a really great tool in our business, we can actually show our customers the development and stages of what the landscaping will look like,” stated Colby. “It also gives you a bit of wow factor when you are speaking with potential clients.” Colby is currently enrolled in Landscaping and Horticulture at Delaware Technical and Community College.

With only an ipad in hand Colby can take a photo of a new project before landscaping, develop a visual plan of what it will look like and engage with the customers to see what they think of the project. If the customers wants to see mote trees, less shrubs or any other variation on the plan, Colby can simply make some changes to the edited photo and reflect what the customers needs are.

“This technology allows us to be creative and personalize each job by having the ability to virtually add and remove pieces or stages of the landscaping project,” stated Colby. Any item from mulch, stone, shrubs, trees and patio surfaces can be added and altered to pinpoint the details of the project before the initial digging begins.

In a world where innovation and entrepreneurism have become the two most important terms for even businesses in small towns, Sullivan’s Landscaping is using technology to create a more efficient worker and a more satisfied customer. Individuals interested in a lawn consultation can visit Sullivan’s landscaping and Garden Center on Route 1, just 2 miles north of Milford or by calling 302-335-5317. They are open Monday through Friday 8am to 6pm,  Saturday 8am to 5pm and Sunday 10am to 4pm and can be reached after hours at www.sullivanslandscaping.com.