Wizard of Oz Debut Excites Audience


The Diamond Dance Company held their first public performance of the Wizard of Oz on Saturday, May 11 at the Milford High School. Traditionally known for their annual Nutcracker Ballet during the holiday season, the company decided to take on the challenge of the this unique ballet after several veteran dancers showed interest. During the cast party of last year’s Nutcracker ballet, it was announced that Wizard of Oz would be the spring ballet.

Not an easy task to undertake, Directors Misty Yencer and Kimmy Noll combined music from other Diamond Dance ballets with original music from The Wizard of Oz to create all original staging and choreography. With a need to populate Munchin Land, the Emerald City and and the several vignettes along the Yellow Brick Road, the directors sought a large cast, growing the number of Diamond dancers from 30 last year to over 50 for this performance.

Eighteen-year-old Victoria Brown played the lead role of Dorothy during the performance. Victoria’s dedication to the art of dance assisted her in more than playing the lead character as she also designed key pieces of choreography for the performance.

“My favorite part about this performances is the scene where Dorothy arrives in Munchin Land,” commented Brown. “It is so much fun playing Dorothy as she goes on the adventure and learns several lessons about home and making friends.”

Dorothy’s companion Toto the dog, was played by six-year-old Logyn DeBaca, who is currently in Kindergarten. The trio of Dorothy’s friends, The Scarecrow, Tin Wood Cutter and Lion, were played by Arlene Mahew, Ana Tegtmeier and Mary Fiorile, respectively. The Wicked With was played by Abbey Chow as the Good Witch Glinda was played by Hayley Schuster.

“We are just so impressed with the performance level. Seeing it all come together on Saturday was surreal,” commented Director Misty Yencer. “It all just came together perfectly. The emotion and excitement on stage was infectious. We are so proud of each dancer. Each one of them brought something unique to the performance.”

The premier Wizard of Oz performance by the Diamond Dance Company was met with a crowded audience and received at the end with two standing ovations. Their fifteenth year as a dance organization, Diamond Dance Company is looking forward to showcasing their best talents as their next performance will again be The Nutcracker this December.