Cross Christian Academy Continues To Grow


photoStarting in the Fall of 2011, four high school seniors were the first group to enroll and graduate from The Cross Christian Academy, located at the Church of the Nazarene on Salevan Place in Milford. Now after two years the school has accepted 20 full-time students and on Friday, May 31 four more students will be graduating

Following the closing of a previous school in attendance by the senior students, several families were left to find an institution of learning that not only met State requirements but also instilled Christian values. The answer for these families was the creation of a new school that held the ideals of Christ and the importance of individualized attention in high regard, The Cross Christian Academy

“We show our students a lot of love, instill Christian values and provide a quality education that focuses on each student as an individual,” commented Joann Fitchett, teacher at The Cross Christian Academy. “They are taught everything that they would take over at a public school but everything that we teach comes from a God-centered perspective.

Students at The Cross Christian Academy must take four english, four mathematic, four history and four science courses, as required by the State of Delaware. In addition The Cross helps students develop spiritually by providing opportunities for group and individual prayer, devotions, and chapel services. Each student is expected to meet and exceed standards put forth for the public school system as the academy “instills a deep sense of moral responsibility in students, teaching them Biblical principles that will help to govern their personal and professional lives.”

“We educate children by teaching them life lessons about making good decisions in and out of the classroom,,” commented Ms. Fitchett. “We empower them to persevere in life, becoming the best they can be by pursuing their dreams.”

Bill Lankford, who is on the Board of Directors of The Cross Christian Academy and has two grandsons currently enrolled in the school, believes that the individualized attention that is given to each child is one of the reasons that the school has been so successful over the past two years. He comments that his two grandsons, one a freshman and the other a junior at The Cross, have shown an improvement in completing their homework and understanding what is important in life.

“If a child falls behind there is special attention given to them while they get back up to speed with the rest of the students,” commented Lankford. “In addition to Ms. Fitchett, the older students also help to mentor the younger students, giving them a real sense of family.”

The Cross Christian Academy believes that their students should have the high school experience and encouraged them to do so through community outreach as well as their sports program. The Cross currently has a soccer and basketball team that hosts opponents at the Greater Milford Boys & Girls Club in Milford. Donald Porter, Sports Director at The Cross, states that student involvement in sports provides another opportunity for success on which they can build.

“Sports build character when you loss and when you win,” commented Porter. “It helps bring them together as a family and teaches them a lot about life.” Homeschool students are also welcome to be a part of The Cross Christian Academy Sports teams.

The Academy is looking to expand again next year as they are currently looking to purchase land in the Greater Milford Area to build a new school. Open enrollment for The Cross Christian Academy is occurring now as families can sign up students for classes from prekindergarten through twelfth grade. Enrollment and tuition information can be found online at or by calling Joann Fitchett or Donald Porter at 302-270-9182. Additional information regarding the school, their community outreach and sports program can be found by visiting