MHS Holds Awards Ceremony

Sgt. Michael West of the US Marine Corps presented awards from the Marines.
Sgt. Michael West of the US Marine Corps presented awards from the Marines.

By Terry Rogers

On Wednesday, May 15, Milford Senior High School held their Annual Senior Awards Night in the High School Auditorium. Principal of Milford high School, Dr. David CArter opened the evening by reminiscing about the past four years.

“Four years ago, I met each of you in this very same auditorium as incoming freshmen during the first week of school,” Dr. Carter said to the students. “At the time, I told many of you that I hoped to see you walk the green in four years. What has pleased me is how many of you not only tried to reach the end, but strived to do well.” In addition to congratulating the students receiving awards at the ceremony, Dr. Carter congratulated the parents and community members who helped them achieve this dream.

Pat Emory, President of the Milford School Board echoed those sentiments. “Tonight, we recognize some of the best that Milford has to offer,” Mr. Emory said. “These students worked diligently to excel, and the common thread among them is a desire to succeed, rise to the occasion and give it their all. They realized that with hard work, great rewards in the form of scholarships and the ability to attend the college of their choice come to them.” Mr. Emory quoted an anonymous source by saying “The thirst for knowledge is one that is never quenched,” letting students know that they will continue to grow and learn throughout their lives.

Bree Wilkins, who won several awards at the event, plans to attend Salisbury University and become a nurse. She eventually plans to become a nurse practitioner. The scholarships Ms. Wilkins won, which include the Leo Club/Milford Lions Club Scholarship, a $1,000 scholarship, renewable for four years, and the Temple Lodge Open Scholarship, will help her “minimize the loans I need to take out to attend college.”

“I was very grateful to receive the Milford Garden Club Scholarship,” said Wendy Hill, another scholarship recipient at the ceremony. “I plan on attending Del-Tech in Georgetown this fall for Agribusiness Management. This scholarship will help me pay for some of the extra cost. I would not have been able to do any of this without my greenhouse teacher at Milford High School, Mr. Haldeman, and of course my parents, Marvin and Tina Hill.”

Kate Forehand plans to attend the University of Delaware and to become a teacher. A member of the Drama Club at Milford High School, Ms.Forehand also hopes to be involved with the Drama Club at any school where she teaches. Ms. Forehand received scholarships from the Drama Club, as well as the Chase Your Dreams program, and plans to use the money to pay for tuition and books when she attends college.

Sarah Silicato, who was recognized for her community service by the Raymond W. Masten and Edith W. Masten Scholarship committee, plans to major in business at the University of Delaware and minor in Spanish. Ms. Silicato plans to start her own business some day and the money from scholarships will help her lower her tuition each year.

Nick Jefferson, who plans to attend West Chester University, and Philip Berry, who plans to attend the University of Maryland Eastern Shore, and who were both star athletes while attending Milford High School, say that the awards they won will help offset the cost of books and tuition as well. Philip plans to major in biology and to become a Physical Therapist, while Nick plans to enter the teaching field.

“Books! Books are so expensive,” says Peter Cloney, who won a voucher for a Chemistry textbook through the Textbook Award DE Section of the American Chemical Society, among other awards. “Any money toward books is a big help.” Mr. Cloney plans to attend the University of Delaware’s pre-med program, and medical school at Jefferson with the hope of becoming a psychiatrist.

“The scholarships will help me obtain minimal student loans so that I can have manageable student debt after I graduate,” said Trevor Maloney, who hopes to become an Occupational Therapist after attending Virginia Wesleyan. Jacob Leonard, who is easily recognizable after his performance in many of the school’s plays and musicals, plans to attend Del-Tech and eventually become an elementary teacher, while pursuing singing and acting as a sideline.

The last award of the evening was the dedication of the 2013 Milford High School Yearbook, which is historically dedicated to a staff member who has gone above and beyond for the students of the school. This year, the students voted to dedicate the yearbook to substitute teacher, Mr. Mike Ostinato, known affectionately by the students as “Mr. O.”

“When I walked in these doors seven years ago, after being in this industry for more than 40 years, I had no idea it was going to be one of the most rewarding experiences of my life,” said Mr. Ostinato. “I remember you as freshmen from four years ago when you thought you knew everything. You didn’t. Now, four years later, you have earned my respect. I wish all of you continued success and my only advice is that you only do what you know is right, and not what is right for someone else.”