The Freshest Strawberries in Town


DSC_0507Spring is the season when our taste buds get excited once again for fresh fruits and vegetables but nothing can be better than the taste of local, organic fruits and vegetables grown here at home. Nancy Sykes offers just that and more by providing the exciting experience of picking strawberries straight from the vine. Nancy’s Strawberry Patch, located at 11219 Nancy Street in Lincoln, DE, has both earliglow and seneca strawberries from her family farm that are ripe for picking but will only be around until the middle of June.

“The berries themselves are what sets us apart from produce vendors. Our berries receive a lot of tender, love and care,” commented Nancy.

Nancy takes pride in organically growing strawberries each year with no fertilizers or pesticides administered to the plants. There are two distinct strawberries that the Sykes farm grows; earliglow and seneca.

“Earliglow strawberries are early season strawberries and are a sweeter and softer berry,” describes Mrs. Sykes. “Seneca strawberries are a mid-season berry and are firmer; great for baking, canning and freezing to make pies.”

Nancy has lived on her family farm since her parents purchased the property in 1955. Her daughter Jodi Messick is a teacher at the Morris Early Childhood Center in the Milford School District and has two children Ella and Corey Messick. Nancy Sykes and her husband Joe have been involved in the Milford community for decades. Nancy’s friends Mary Buck, Ginnie Lynch and niece Tracey Wessell are at the farm helping with the picking of the strawberries and assisting customers every day.

The strawberries from the Sykes farm will only be available until mid-June while they are perfect for picking. At Nancy’s Strawberry Patch customers can pick their own berries or choose from berries picked by Nancy herself. The farm is located just south of Milford, one mile west of Jefferson Crossroads, at 11219 Nancy Street in Lincoln DE. Nancy will be there assisting pickers form 9:00am to 6:30 pm every day of the week. For more information call Nancy’s Strawberry Patch at 302-381-6076.