Johnson Awarded Banneker Teacher of the Year


ambriahJill Cartwright, MHS Student Reporter

One word can describe why Ms. Ambriah Johnson of Benjamin Banneker Elementary School is the 2012-2013 Teacher of the Year; passion. Ms. Johnson, who is currently a first grade teacher and instructional coach at the school, began her career officially in 2007 but her journey began much before that.

“I have always enjoyed working with kids ever since I was younger and I have an aunt who has been teaching for 20 plus years,” shared Johnson. “I have always heard wonderful stories about teaching, [and] being able to notice how happy she was in the education profession definitely made a huge impact on me.”

Johnson has deep roots in Delaware. She was born and raised in Laurel, Delaware and went on to earn a Bachelor’s Degree in English. Later, she earned her Master’s in Education at Wilmington University and is currently studying Education Leadership there in hopes of becoming a future administrator.

In addition to her career endeavors, Ms. Johnson “strives every year to every year to create an atmosphere where students feel okay making mistakes and learning from them”. Several of her peers, including former teacher of the year Vicky Hudson, have commented on her structured, yet fun style of teaching.

“Ambriah always finds new ways to make learning fun for her students. She clearly loves them almost as much as she loves Rayne,” commented Hudson, referencing Johnson’s daughter. However, Johnson’s successes do not come without challenges.

“The greatest challenge that I face as an educator is how much education seems to change and evolve every year,” admits Ms. Johnson. She went on to explain that there seems to be hardly enough time in the day to accomplish everything she wants to. This is a challenge she feels all educators must face.

Regardless, Ms. Johnson’s tremendous efforts and passion in educating her students have gone unrecognized. Teaching is not a profession for the faint of heart, yet Ms. Ambriah’s commendable dedication to her students’ growth is what helps her continue to do so.

“I get a really good feeling knowing that I am helping to shape tomorrow’s future by teaching our students today.”