Mills Prepared To Play At Lynchburg


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By Kevin Eickman

When you take the time to look at Milford athletics, the one constant is the quality of the young adults that participate in sports. One recent athlete who deserves recognition for a stellar career is recent graduate Alyssa Mills. Playing both field hockey and soccer, Mills has been lauded for her effort and leadership skills.

In the just completed soccer season, Mills provided coach Keith Short with leadership and tenacity throughout the entire season. “Alyssa is a great competitor, and she was very important to our team this season,” Short stated.

While she was solid at soccer, Mills was outstanding at field hockey. Mills was a captain on the Buccaneers squad that qualified for the State Tournament. All season long while playing attack and midfield Mills was a player that coach Andrea Fleming knew \ she could count on. “Alyssa was such a leader on this team, it was great to have her on the squad,” Fleming added “She is the type of player that gives it everything she has, and then tries to figure out a way to give more.”

Recently talking with Mills about her career at Milford and her plans for the future, she commented on her career with the school. “This is like such a big family, most of us have known each other all our lives,” said Alyssa. “Between the players and the coaches, everyone has made this such a wonderful place to play.” Asked what her favorite athletic memory while playing for Milford, Mills didn’t hesitate to add, “When we played Caravel in field hockey on senior day, with a potential State tournament spot on the line,” commented Alyssa. “Everyone was so tired that game, but we all dug deep. Even being a player down, we earned a huge victory in overtime.”


When asked about Mills, Principal of MHS Dr. David Carter believes she has what it takes to be successful on and off the field. “Alyssa is an extremely hard worker and possesses qualities such as discipline, selflessness and determination. She is always ready to carry out the team’s game plan and promote the success of the squad,” Carter said. “With her work ethic and drive, Mills will continue to have success on and off the field.”

The admiration runs both ways, as Mills credits Carter with providing inspiration during her career “Dr. Carter has taught me to expect more of myself, he has made sure that there is a world of possibilities out there for me.” Mills also thanks the coaches she has played for during her time at Milford. “They have taught me that hard work and sacrifice pay off, for that I have to thank all the coaches I have had.”

Mills will be attending Lynchburg College in the fall and studying elementary education. She looks forward to continuing her field hockey career at the next level. “I know college is going to be tough, but I am going to give it everything I have,” said Mills. “I want to get there in the best shape I can be in, and demonstrate to the coaches what type of player I am.”

While heading off to college is important to Mills, there will be a great many things that she will miss about Milford. “I will miss my family and friends, so much,” commented Mills. “I love the Milford community, it’s such a wonderful place.”