Milford Rocks Firefly Festival


This weekend music lovers from Milford traveled to The Woodlands in Dover, near the International Speedway, to witness the second annual Firefly Music Festival. Expecting final attendance numbers to double in size from last year, Firefly officials state that over 65,000 festival goers were present. On Friday afternoon the number of cars deadlocked Route 13 for hours as traffic was at a stand still for much of the days.

Looking at the headliners for the three-day festival, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers and Foster the People, it is easy to see that Firefly officials are appealing to several generations of music fans. In addition to camping facilities, the festival grounds included dining options, interactive entertainment and green-inspired attractions.

Jenn Rowan of Milford attended this year’s Firefly Festival, making it her second experience of the three-day event. For a second year in a row, Jenn was overall happy with how the event was managed by Reg Frog Events. While she did prefer the 2012 headliners to this year’s, Jenn was excited to see the addition of several of the supporting artists.

“I was disappointed with headliner line up of Firefly 2013 as compared to 2012, and hope that Red Frog will improve that in 2014,” Rowan commented. “I did notice the secondary bands improved in quality, performance and diversity. A huge improvement in 2013 was the inclusion of female bands and musicians like Haim, Alabama Shakes, LP, and Yeah, Yeah, Yeah’s.” Jenn also commented that her favorite bands were The Avett Brothers, LP, Tom Petty, Haim, and Ben Howard while her top festival experiences included rocking out with Elijah Wood as he DJ’ed the silent disco.


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Adam and Leah Southard of Milford spent all three days of the festival enjoying bands from all four stages at The Woodlands. “We have had a great time so far,” commented Adam during the third day of the festival. “Twenty one pilots and a silent film were amazing. Red Hot Chili Peppers rocked as well as ellie Goulding.” Southard also commented that the great weather and friendly people completed the experience.

Jenn Rowan and Adam and Leah Southard are looking forward to next year’s Firefly Festival and are excited to see the new lineup early in 2014. The festival proved to be a success as President of Dover Motorsports, Mike Tatoian, announced a ten-year agreement with Red Frog Events to be the exclusive home of the Firefly music festival.

“Because of the success of last year, and the anticipated success of this year,” Tatoian said, “rather than negotiating a contract every year we thought it would be best to negotiate some general terms that both sides are favorable to for the next ten years so we don’t have to repeat that same thing over and over again.”

Governor Markell held a press conference on Firday, June 21 to discuss the anticipated success of Firefly and the impact on Delaware. He expressed his excitement for the music event to become an event that highlights tourism in the state of Delaware.
“The Firefly Music Festival tells a great Delaware story about how all levels of government come together with the private sector to put on one of the greatest music experiences in the country,” said Governor Markell. “With nearly 60,000 people in attendance – most of whom are from out of state – this event puts Delaware on the music map and gives us the opportunity to showcase all that our state has to offer.”