Wood Opens Auto Detailing Business


steveSteve Wood of Milford is planning to open Hi Def Auto Spa, a local high end auto detailing business, on New Wharf Road in Milford. Servicing vehicles from the very garage he learned his love for cars, Steve is excited to turn his part-time passion into a full-time career. The Auto Spa will specialize in show cars and high end automobiles, providing services including wet sanding, buffing, interior vehicle cleaning and headlight restorations.

As a kid, Steve remembers spending most of his time with his father in the garage learning about how they worked from the inside out. His brother and him took their first job from their father as he paid them to detail the vehicles he worked on in the family garage. With experience at the shop, Steve later became a Honda technician while getting involved with car shows around the country, showing his own Honda Civic in shows including the NOPI Nationals in Atlanta, Georgia and at the Hot Import Nights in Miami, Florida.

“Every car has its own character and is an extension of the owner’s personality,” commented Steve. “My love of cars and personal attention to each car as if it were my own is what makes this business unique.”

Through his several visits to national car shows, Steve has become an expert on what level of expertise it takes to detail a vehicle in preparation for a show. Under the hood, under the wheel well or behind the wheel, Steve prides himself on perfecting every inch of every car. Todd Davis of Milford takes his Chevy SS to Hi Def Auto Spa to keep his classic beauty in peak performance.

“Steve is meticulous about what he does and takes his time,” commented Davis. “With a classic car you want the engine done and the overall shine of the car and my aluminum wheels when he is finished is impressive.”

Hi Def Auto Spa is now open and located at 1887 New Wharf Road in North Milford. To find out more information about services offered or make an appointment, individuals are encouraged to call 302-233-5933 or visit the business on Facebook.