Buccaneer Seeking Big Senior Season


SONY DSCBy Kevin Eickman

When Andrew Marshall first arrived on the football field at Milford, expectations where high. Three years later, not much has changed. Getting ready for his final season as a Buccaneer, Marshall is working as hard as he can to make it a memorable one. “I have really been putting a lot of extra effort into my conditioning this year, and I think it’s going to make a big difference this year,” said Marshall.

While he has been a force on both sides of the ball, Marshall is preparing to become an offensive tackle at the next level. As he has been working to fine tune several of his specific skills, Andrew believes that his footwork is an area that he has improved in. “Working on my footwork has been real important, my balance is improving and it makes my position so much better.”

Coach Mike Tkach believes that one area that Marshall should improve in is his finishing. “Andrew has worked very hard and gets off the ball real well, he really gets some good push up front,” commented Tkach. “He does however need to maintain his blocks longer and get to the second level to pick off some linebackers and extend the play.”

Listed at 6’6” and 360 pounds, Marshall has been blessed with some spectacular physical attributes, almost to the point of detriment for the soon to be 17 year old. “While Andrew has always been one of the bigger kids in his class, he has also been one of the youngest,” said Tkach.

Marshall possesses Division I talent and will almost certainly land a full scholarship based on that talent. However, one aspect that has caused Marshall some difficulties has been in the classroom. “I have had to put a lot of work in to try and get my grades where they need to be, it’s just as important that you qualify academically as well as stand out on the field,” Marshall stated.

In preparing for the season Marshall is looking to be more then just a player, he is hoping to develop into more of a leader. “I have been here long enough, and know enough, that I need to help the other guys play better too,” he said.

Coach Tkach believes that leadership is an area the Marshall could excel in this fall. “Andrew is a very popular young man that his peers just naturally gravitate to,” commented Tkach.“He is beginning to understand that he has a lot more to offer than just his athletic skills.”

Milford has big hopes for next fall, their first season in Division II since the 2008 football season. Marshall thinks that the Bucs can make some noise in the Henlopen South. “Our goal is to be competitive and hopefully win the south next season,” he said. Tkach echos that sentiment, “If we are going to be successful next season, Andrew is going to have to be a big part of what we are about as a team,” added Tkach.

With the talent, comes a lot of attention, in particular from colleges that think Marshall can help them in the future. The recruiting process is something that has been both flattering and eye-opening for Marshall. “It’s great to know that there are teams out there that want you, it makes me understand that the hard work I am putting in can pay off,” stated Marshall. “It’s important that you figure out what you want in a college, and just don’t rush into anything.”