Public Opinion: Construction Of New Police Station


Screen Shot 2013-07-02 at 4.42.34 PMLast week in City of Milford finance news, Councilman Pikus requested that the City Manager, Chief of Police and Finance Director develop a cost analysis for building a new police station. Pikus asked that the cost analysis be presented to council in order to begin looking at the possibility of a public referendum to approve funding for a new police station.

At the Milford City Council  meeting on December 10, 2012, Milford City Council voted 5 to 1 to enter an agreement with Growmark to purchase 15.571 acres of land at the corner of N.E. Front Street and N.E. Fourth Street. Located directly across from the current police station, the land will be used to construct a new facility.

David Rutt, the City Solicitor, reported that the contract includes wording regarding the due diligence required by various state agencies to conduct historical surveys and other testing of the property. He stated that if problems arise, the contract will be cancelled at no cost to the city. The City will purchase the property for $875,000, putting a $50,000 deposit on the land at the time the contract is signed. The due diligence could take up to three years, during which time the City can agree to purchase the land at the agreed upon price. At the end of the three years, the city can choose not to purchase the land, but would forfeit the $50,000 deposit.

We asked our fans on social media the simple question “Do you think Milford needs a new Police Station ?” Here were some of the answers :


  •  Nikki Mills Yes! Has anyone been inside that place lately?! We need a new police station much more than we need a new pharmacy or fast food restaurant!!
  • Rob Wolhar Yes. Growing town – growing PD!
  • Carrie Hurd Hill Yes!! They deserve it!
  • Elizabeth Collins No.. Just make the updates that the station needs. Just because a building is old everyone thinks get out of and build a new one. One there is not much property left in Milford so why use it up on another building that is not needed. All I say is stop building! Use what we all ready have and update things!
  • Jeremy Isenhart No,Its not a place selling products.Why would a police station need to be nice.Spend the money on cars training more officers.I doubt they spend much time in there anyway
  •  Tia Fountain Every time Milford gets a new municipal anything…utility bills seem to spike randomly… Criminals aren’t worthy of cushy accommodations at the expense of the taxpayers. Do the officers deserve a comfortable workspace? Definitely. But another obnoxious building? Not so much. JMO
  •  Jason Walls No they don’t. The city approves the dumbest stuff to be built. Example CVS coming to old Hammond Cadillac. That makes five pharmacies. Who needs five. Plus about thirty Chinese restaurants and pizza joints. C’mon build something worth while. Like a mall that’ll bring real business not dumb stuff
  • Pete Parks The Police should know their needs but we should inspect their wants. This is a growing community and an upgrade should be considered but we need the new office to still send the message that this is a friendly community. Please do not make it a compound.
  • Jennifer Huey Absolutely, the city has grown so much since the current station was built it is simply not big enough nor is it secure enough. I agree that there are many unnecessary things being built but this not one of them. These folks are working hard trying to keep up with the crime, they need a place do their job.
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