Kloset Boutique Opens In North Milford

Owner Nikki McNeil in front of The Kloset Boutique's shoe wall.
Owner Nikki McNeil in front of The Kloset Boutique’s shoe wall.

Specializing in fashionable apparel, shoes, handbags and accessories for women and men, The Kloset Boutique is currently open in the Milford Commons Plaza, in North Milford. Following her lifetime love of fashion, owner Shawnika “Nikki” McNeil hopes to share unique, specialized finds with the Greater Milford Area. Their slogan “Nothing in your closet ?, come and see what’s in ours!”, highlights Nikki’s desire to provide clothing across all styles of fashion including classic, chic, urban and vintage.

“I like to find unique items for my clients, when you go into a boutique you are looking for specialized pieces,” commented McNeil. “Our boutique reflects all different styles you could expect to find in any closet, including clothes for formal, work, play and nightlife.”

Finding her love of fashion as a child in classic movies from the 1940‘s, McNeil enjoyed how the actors considered their style as an extension of their personality. Working twelve years in the real estate industry, she owned several business on the side that focused on sharing fashion with other women. Her business The Traveling Shoe Closet brought an extensive line of shoes and accessories to women at events as her other creation Girls Night In assembled women at local restaurants and businesses where Nikki shared the latest in fashion trends. With the decline of the housing market affecting the industry in which she worked, Nikki decided to leave the corporate world and start the business she had always dreamed of.

The Kloset Boutique offers clothing for women in sizes small to triple XL, shoes in sizes from six to eleven and a diverse selection of handbags and accessories. A favorite of her clients so far is the shoe wall that features unique women’s footwear from the ceiling to the floor. The boutique serves men as well with a large variety of shoes, handmade ties, cufflinks and other accessories.

“We sell complete outfits,” commented McNeil. “We offer our clients the ability to have a personal shopping experience as they do in their own closets. There is something about a man or woman that is confident with what they have on.”

The Kloset Boutique also offers education for individuals looking for a personal shopper. Nikki and her employees can help find complete outfits for special occasions or simply teach men and women how to refine their own sense of style. The Kloset Boutique can be found at 961 N Dupont Boulevard in the Milford Commons Plaza, next to Food Lion. For more information individuals are encouraged to visit them of Facebook, Instagram or stop in the store. The boutique is open Monday through Friday from 11am to 7pm, closing early at 4pm on Wednesdays.

“It is a dream for me to have a full boutique,” commented McNeil. “I absolutely love what I am doing and have already met some incredible people.I am looking forward to a long relationship with the Milford community.