Milford Artist Featured In Wilmington Gallery

Provided by Sonja Frey.

Milford artist Sonja Frey is currently hosting her newest gallery, The Intentional Accident, in the Delaware Division of the Arts Mezzanine Gallery in Wilmington, Delaware. The reception for the gallery, which will continue to be open through Friday, July 26, was held on Friday, July 5 as part of Wilmington’s Art Loop. Frey’s solo exhibition features several works in a series of collage paintings focusing on the subject of beauty and happiness.

“I paint what makes me feel good,” stated Frey when asked to describe her art. “There are many subtle things happening in my art and you can see something different every time you look at it.”

Frey earned her Bachelor’s in Fine Art in Graphic Design from Beaver College, now known as Arcadia University, in Glenside, Pennsylvania. After taking her first painting workshop in October of 2004, she immediately fell in love with the vibrant colors and techniques of painting with acrylics and collage. Her paintings can be described as spontaneous as her process of creation is not planned before she begins.

“My art always begins with colors and lots of layers,” commented Frey while describing her process of creating her art. “I do not go in with a certain vision up front and basically respond to the last thing I put down. After a while it begins to speak to me and it just develops.”

Sonja explains that the vibrant, exciting colors she uses in The Intentional Accident exhibit can be traced to her background as a graphic designer, which continues to be her full time career. She made the transition to painting with acrylics when she discovered that through collaging she could create art with her hands and not through a computer screen.

“I literally get my hands covered in paint and glue,” commented Frey. “I fell in love with the color and the physical aspect of being able to actually touch my work.”

Through her exhibition in the Mezzanine Gallery in Wilmington, Sonja hopes to stir enough activity to help others understand just how important art is in small communities like Milford.

“I hope the movers and shakers see the value of what art has contributed,” stated Frey. “There are so many places in this country, small towns that built an art community and continued to grow. I hope this happens in Milford.”