Redner’s Works With City For Planned Gas Pumps

Redner's Gas Pump- City of Milford Well site plan provided by Davis, Bowen & Friedel, Inc.
Redner’s Gas Pump- City of Milford Well site plan provided by Davis, Bowen & Friedel, Inc.

By Terry Rogers

Redner’s Market has been working with city officials to install gas pumps at their location south of the Milford. The company currently has pumps at their Camden and one Dover location. According to Eric White, Consumer Communications Specialist at Redner’s, the company hopes to install pumps that would benefit customers who participate in the Pump Perks program offered by the store.

“We are hoping to work with one of our Sunoco partners to put pumps at the location so that customers can use their points right at the store,” Mr. White explained. “It makes it more convenient for customers, and our store benefits because the plan entices people to purchase groceries at the same time they fill up with gas.”

Redner’s began working with City officials some time ago to get approval for the pumps. The store is located close to the Seabury Avenue pumping station. According to City Manager, Richard Carmean, there were some issues with putting the pumps at the location.

“There are wellhead protections in place,” Mr. Carmean explained. “These protections prohibit certain things from being placed within so many feet of shallow wells. Well number nine, which is located at the corner of Seabury Avenue in close proximity to where these pumps will be located, is a shallow well that picks up groundwater.” Since the well is shallow, Mr. Carmean explained that the city is not comfortable allowing pumps at Redner’s without replacing the well, a project that is estimated to cost $400,000.

“We worked with the company, and they have agreed to pay half the costs to replace well nine with a deeper well, which would eliminate the problem with the wellhead protections,” Mr. Carmean explained. “The City feels that this will benefit the town in several ways. First, customers will be able to use the Redner’s gas rewards program right at the store, something I use myself. Redner’s customers like that they can get a discount on gas purchases just for buying groceries they are going to buy anyway. In addition, our water supply improves as deeper wells provide more pressure and quantity than shallow wells.”

Mr. White was unsure when pumps would be installed in Milford as they are still working with City officials regarding the replacement of the well. They must also obtain necessary permits and approvals from state, federal and local agencies.

Capano Development is also building retail stores adjacent to the grocery store, which Mr. White says are not owned by Redner’s. Mr. White was unsure if tenants had been identified to fill those stores, which have been under construction for some time. Calls to Capano Development were not returned at the time of publication.