Uniform Closet Asks For Donations


It may be the middle of the summer and the upcoming school year is the last thing on many people’s minds but the Milford non-profit U Just Ask, is starting to prepare for children in need in the Milford School District. The organization is currently asking for donations of gently used school uniforms items that will be available for families during their annual uniform giveaway at Banneker Elementary cafeteria on Monday, August 19, 2013, from 4-6pm.

Three years into their mission of helping local community members in immediate need, U Just ASK is growing as an organization that reaches out to locals from locals. The group is targeting individuals and families in the Greater Milford Area that need assistance but may not be recognized by other agencies as being in need.

Publicizing its mission in its name, The ASK in the U Just ASK stands for Actively Supporting with Kindness and promotes a ‘pay it forward’ process of helping individuals in the community so they will in return help others. Through the use of social media, residents in the community simply tell the organization what they are in need of and U Just ASK sends out the request through their community networks. It has become an online community that advances the collective generosity and charity in the town of Milford and surrounding areas.

The organization has been providing uniforms to the elementary schools in Milford School District for the past few years.  Since requests by school nurses have increased every year, U Just ASK is starting this year’s campaign early so that children will have the uniforms items they need at the start of the school year. Donations of all sizes are needed and the organization appreciates all donations.

The Milford School District uniform that was implemented several years ago must be worn by students in order to enter the building on school days from beginning to end of each school day. According to the MSD Uniform Code, uniform bottoms can be tan or black khaki style pants which include “walking shorts, capris, skirts, jumpers or dresses that are to the knee or longer.” Students may not wear denim, chains, or spiked jewelry. Uniform tops can be maroon, black, gold or white Polo Shirts. They must be “collared, 3 buttons and a solid color.” Students may not reveal any “undergarment, camisoles, for example, or undershirts.” Students may also not wear over garments such as “sweatshirts, hoodies, or jackets…over the polo.”

Donations for the annual uniform giveaway at Banneker Elementary can be dropped off at Response Computer Group, 213 W. Liberty Way in the Independence Commons Park in Milford, the same park as the Boys & Girls Club and Delaware Veterans Home, Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm.  For more details individuals are encouraged to contact Faith Ennis, at 302-270-0167 or faith@rcgweb.com.