Unique Training To Help Dulin Lose 255 lbs


Screen Shot 2013-07-18 at 8.53.09 AMPersonal trainer Doug Lawson has been getting some attention lately around town as he has helped several Milford residents lose weight through his bootcamp where he pushes them physically and mentally to reach a healthy state of body and mind. Held outside with no gym equipment or serious weights, each individual receives a specialized program that they can do in their own living room and back yard.

After dealing with some serious health issues himself, caused by a ruptured appendix, Doug grew very unhealthy, wearing a colostomy bag which many people thought may be for the rest of his life. Losing some serious weight due to the illness and with medical bills of over $100,000, it took hard work and dedication to rehabilitate himself back into good health. Now in great shape, Doug is helping other individuals find that strength.

His most recent client is Delaware native Ben Dulin, who has taken the challenge to move into Doug’s apartment and train 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in the attempt to loss weight and gain his health. At 5’6″, 430 lbs this will not be an easy task for Ben or Doug as the goal weight for Ben is set at 175 pounds. Starting the week with his weigh in Ben was taken to a live stock farm for an accurate reading since a regular gym scale could not calculate his weight.

Ben moved to Parkersburg, West Virginia with his grandparents  after graduating high school in Delaware and has worked for the city of Parkersburg in the sanitation department for the past 8 years. He admits that it typically takes him an hour to put on his shoes and socks because of his weight and performing normal activities have become almost impossible. Moving back to Delaware Ben thought training with Doug would be an opportunity for him to take his life into his own hands.

“I want to stay away from diabetes, which runs in my family and I am at risk for because of my weight,” commented Ben. “I also want to get off my blood pressure pills and I hope that losing weight will allow me to become overall more healthy.” Ben says that it has been difficult for him to get a job because of his weight and feels that becoming more healthy by dropping weight will allow him to get a job in Delaware as employers will see he is “capable of doing the job.”

With several other health issues including two bulging disks and arthritis, Ben is participating in two workouts per day which include sprints, bleacher runs, sleds, ropes and cardio workouts. On Tuesday he visited Lou’s Bootery in downtown MIlford as he was fit with special shoes, size 12, width 5E. He will not only be trained physically but Doug will also be in charge of Ben’s daily schedule including the meals that he eats.

Moving into his second week of training with Doug, Ben has not been given any special treatment due to his weight or because he is new to the program. His workout schedule includes the same exercises as each of Doug’s clients. Lucky for Ben, he has an entire support team already behind him as Doug’s current clients are constantly giving him positive feedback and motivation to succeed.

“I know it s going to take a lot of determination to reach my goal,” stated Ben. “On day three I already hit a wall and was ready to give up but I just have to remind myself that my health is much more important.”