A Show For Kids Put On By Kids

Sydney Gross (Sally Jessie), Nolah Walton (Step Sister), Aylish Walton (Step Sister) , Colby Crawford (Loud Mouth) Landon Felker (Pinocchio).
Sydney Gross (Sally Jessie), Nolah Walton (Step Sister), Aylish Walton (Step Sister)
, Colby Crawford (Loud Mouth) Landon Felker (Pinocchio).

On August 9 -11 the Second Street Players’ Street Kids will present their first ever kids musical, The Ever After. Creating the costumes, set and choreography for the musical, this is a show for kids put on by kids. The performance features a talk show host that invites sworn enemies from popular fairytales to her show at an attempt to reconcile their differences.

Audience members will get a glance at what life is like for fairytale characters after the ‘live happily ever after’ ending to the books. Talk Show host Sally, played by Sydney Gross, has the unique opportunity to challenge characters from several childhood tales including Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and Cinderella.

“This is a very different character than I am used to playing, she is crazy, outgoing and self-absorbed,” commented Sydney. “It is exciting working with friends and seeing the new actors in this children led performance.” Sydney is also the Assistant Director and Assistant Choreographer of The Ever After musical. “This has really been a great opportunity for me to learn as a Director as I help the other actors, it is a different experience.”

Libby Dissinger will be playing the lead role of Snow White during the performance as she is confronted by the Evil Queen and the Evil Mirror from the legendary fairytale. “I like playing a little, sweet, innocent girl that thinks that everyone likes her,” commented Libby. “ It turns out she is not as well liked as she would like to think.”

Libby Dissinger, age 16, has performed with Second Street players since 2002 as she proclaims that she “grew up in the theatre.” She has performed in children and main stage shows including The Princess and the Pea, Annie and The Diary of Anne Frank.

Cinderella, played by Missy Spangler, is tricked into coming onto the talk show by her two stepsisters, played by Nolah and Aylish Walton, as they tell Cinderella they want to reconcile their differences. All they are really looking for is a way to get their hands on Cinderella’s possessions.

“Cinderella is some what of a diva,” commented Missy. “It is a lot of fun to play her and to be a princess. I love working with all kid actors and looking forward to the performance this weekend.”

Missy, age 15, has performed with the Second Street Players since 2007 and has been in shows including The Frog Princess, Alice In The Shoe and Jungle Book.

The Ever After musical is not only being performed by kids, but is also being directed and put together by kids. Directors Sharon Buchanan and Susan Newark have taken a slight step back in this performance and have let the kids take over the production. Sydney Gross age 12 is the Assistant Director and Assistant Choreographer, Seth Wilcox age 12 is the Assistant Set Designer, Ben Wilcox age 15 is the Assistant Musical Director, Nolah Walton Age 14 is the make up artist and Athena Pappas is the Assistant Producer and Photographer.

Produced by special arrangement with Pioneer Drama service, Inc., Englewood. Colorado, the musical will roll into Downtown Milford on Friday August 9 at 7pm,with matinees on Saturday August 10 at 1pm and Sunday August 11 at 1pm, at the Riverfront Theatre located at 2 S Walnut Street. Tickets are $10 for the matinees and ‘pay what you can’ for the Friday night performance. Tickets can be purchased at the door. For more information go to secondstreetplayers.com