Washington St. Treatment Plant Demolition Nears Completion


DSC03278By Terry Rogers

The demolition of the building on the site of the future Washington Street Water Treatment Plant is near completion. On Monday, August 5, City Manager Richard Carmean presented information to the City of Milford Public Works Commission indicating that the building, which at one time housed the Milford Police Department, Milford Parks and Recreation, and in more recent years, Downtown Milford, Inc. and the Chamber of Commerce of Greater Milford, was almost completely gone. All hazardous materials, including asbestos were removed from the site.

“We have bids ready to go out for the next phase of the project,” Mr. Carmean explained. Eric Retzlaff of Davis, Bowen & Friedel told the committee that the project was originally planned in five phases, but that when the city decided to purchase the PNC Bank building, one of those phases was eliminated. Settlement on the purchase of the bank took place on Friday, according to Mr. Carmean.

The next phase of the project that will go out for bid is for the creation of the well, Mr. Retzlaff explained. The well was relocated pending the purchase of the bank, which Mr. Carmean stated, offered the City a considerable savings. The well creation is currently under contract. Once the well is complete, plans will be finalized for the raw water main, which will then go out for bid, with the next phase planned being the construction of the water treatment plant. Those two phases cannot begin until the well is complete. Originally, plans called for a fifth phase to build an Administration Building, but the purchase of the building vacated by PNC Bank made that phase of the project unnecessary. Those funds will be absorbed back into the project as needed.

In a special election held in November 2011, Milford residents voted 139 to 8 to take advantage of a $4 million Loan and Grant package from the State’s Office of Drinking Water at a rate of one percent for a 20 year term. At the time, City Manager Richard Carmean called the project “a 50 to 75 year project that will be here for awhile.” The City anticipates minor traffic delays on Washington Street as the project gets underway, especially when the well and tower are completed. The majority of the water plant improvements will not be visible from the street, and the city plans for the site to compliment the Riverwalk and Milford Public Library.