Burgers-N-Beans Celebrates Cruise Nights

1964 Buick LeSabre Convertible with drive-in speakers.
1964 Buick LeSabre Convertible with drive-in speakers.

By Terry Rogers

The Historical Vintage Car Club of Delaware (HVCCD), sponsored by Burgers-N-Beans, holds Cruise Nights, on the second Thursday of each month, in the parking lot of the Airpark Plaza, Milford. Cruise Night showcases antique cars, hot rods, muscle cars, unique vehicles and even motorcycles. This month’s Cruise Night was held August 8, and hosted a total of 38 vehicles.

Bruce Johnston, a member of the HVCCD and co-owner of Burgers-N-Beans, says that the cars line up along the grassy area in front of the shopping center parking lot and the first row of black top parking spaces, so there is room for up to 150 cars.

“We welcome all vehicles, whether they are a club member or not,” Mr. Johnston explained. “People on the highway see the cars lined up and can’t help but be curious,” Johnston said. “They pull in, check out the cars and visit the businesses in the shopping center. We invite the public to come out and take a look back in time.

The oldest vehicle displayed so far on a Cruise Night was a 1929 Ford, and one of the most interesting vehicles displayed was a car owned by Paul & Pat Ringling of Denton, Maryland. They displayed a 1964 Buick LeSabre Convertible with drive-in speakers that actually played “Visit our Snack Bar Audio”, and displayed a tray of food on the rolled down window, complete with a Coke and milkshake.

“Cruise Nights have gotten really popular in the area,” Mr. Johnston said. “In fact, we have had such a huge success with it, we are considering doing it every week next year.” In addition to local residents who enjoy coming to see the cars, Johnston believes that a lot of those heading to the beach stop in as well when they ride by and see the interesting cars lined up.

“This is just a fun way to get people out,” Mr. Johnston said. “We play music and have picnic tables for people to sit on in the grassy area. We do have rules against burnouts and racing and there is no alcohol permitted.” At every Cruise Night there is a 50/50 drawing, and Dash Plaques are given to those who display their vehicles on a first-come-first-served basis. There is no fee to show a vehicle, owners simply have to show up the night of the event.

HVVCD was established in 1969, bringing together people with a love of antique cars of all makes, models and types. Membership is open to everyone who shares the love of old cars, trucks and motorcycles, but is not limited to those who own the vehicles. In fact, Mr. Johnston says he does not own an antique, hot rod or vintage, vehicle, although he dreams of doing so someday.

“We love to see people come out for the event, enjoy the Best Burger in Kent County and check out some really neat cars,” Johnston said. “Burgers-N-Beans is proud to sponsor this event. We enjoy working with our community, and Cruise Nights are a great way to give back to the town and to those visiting our area.

Cruise Nights are also scheduled for September 12 and October 10. For more information, visit HVCCD website http://hvccd.9f.com or call car club President Jerry Speace at 302-855-5779 or Vice-President Dan Carpenter at 302-645-2977.