Redner’s Moves Closer to Gas Pumps

Redner’s Gas Pump- City of Milford Well site plan provided by Davis, Bowen & Friedel, Inc.
Redner’s Gas Pump- City of Milford Well site plan provided by Davis, Bowen & Friedel, Inc.

The City of Milford Planning Commission held a public hearing on Tuesday, August 20, 2013, to receive comments and questions regarding a proposal for Redner’s Market, located on Route 113 south of Milford, to place three gas pumps at the Milford location. According to Zach Crouch of Davis, Bowen & Friedel, the gas pumps would be placed at the entrance to the shopping center and would not affect the site as far as access or traffic.

“As a customer rewards program, Redner’s offers discounts on gas,” Mr. Crouch explained. “This is the reason they would like to put the gas pumps at the Milford location.” Mr. Crouch explained that they already have a facility in Dover with a similar arrangement that works well for both the city and the company.

“The gas tanks would be placed underground, and we have received approvals from DNREC, the state fire marshall, storm water management and the Sussex County Conservation District,” Mr. Crouch explained to the council. Gary Norris, City Planner, asked about the water and sewer lines going to the tenant property. Mr. Crouch said that there was already water and sewer on the property and that the pumps would not interfere with current water or sewer plans.

“I would request that the state approvals be attached as part of the final site plan,” Mr. Norris stated. Commissioner Marvin Sharp asked if the pumps would have both gas and diesel.

“I am not sure, but since the Dover location has both types of fuel, I would think there would be both,” said Mr. Crouch. “The plan presented tonight is exactly like the model used in Dover.” Mr. Crouch also explained that Redner’s had been working with the city to resolve a well issue, which he understood had since been settled, which is why they moved forward with state approvals.

“We need to be clear that there are two agreements between Redner’s and the city,” said David Rutt, City Solicitor. “One is a surface water agreement and the other is an escrow agreement. The water surface agreement covers the replacement of a well that is in a wellhead protection area, while the other is an escrow agreement for Redner’s to pay a portion of the replacement of that well. The commission needs to be sure that if they approve this request, it is contingent on city council approving those two agreements.”

“At this time there will not be additional signage,” said Mr. Crouch when asked about signage on the gas pumps. Mr. Norris explained that if there was to be additional signage on the pumps, a variance would be necessary with the Board of Adjustments.

“What about containment?” asked Commissioner Archie Campbell, and Mr. Norris explained that underground gas tank containment was the responsibility of DNREC and not the city.

The Planning Commission voted unanimously to approve the request, conditional on city council’s approval of the two agreements with Redner’s and that all state approvals be attached to the final site plan when it is submitted.