Mullen Named DE B&G Staff of the Year


deniseOn Friday, August 23 Denise Mullen, Administrative Supervisor for the Greater Milford Boys & Girls Club, was awarded the Joseph H. Dulin Staff of the Year award by the Delaware Boys & Girls Club. Denise was chosen as the sole recipient of the award for all 19 clubs and 46 school sites across the state of Delaware.

The Joseph H. Dulin Staff of the Year Award was established by the Delaware B&G Club Board of Directors when Mr. Dulin retired after for 30 years of service with the Club. This award is presented to the staff member who best exemplifies the positive attributes of Joe.
The CEO and President of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Delaware, George Krupanski, along with State and local Milford Board Members surprised Denise at the end of the work day Friday with the award.

“Denise is hard working, giving, caring, patient, knowledgeable, and a positive role model,” commented Mr. Krupanski during the ceremony. “She arrives early and stays late. She develops personal relationships with the children and their families. She is always looking for ways to turn a negative into a positive.”

Changing the attitude of all that come in contact with her, Denise was recognized, by three individuals that nominated her for the award, as always making a positive impact on Milford children and their families. One nominee shared an vignette where Denise was faced with a grandmother that spoke with her kids negatively as she dropped them off each morning. Denise worked with the grandmother to be more positive and encouraging towards her grandchildren; to help build up their self-confidence. With Denise’s help the children’s behavior began to improve.

Tod Van Eyken, Director of the Greater Milford Boys & Girls Club, often receives unsolicited commendations on her work and attitude. Van Eyken states that Denise leads by example, her work ethic is contagious and she is well informed on every aspect of the Club and is a great resource to the staff.

“Denise is an outstanding individual, she personifies the mission of the Boys & Girls Club,” commented Van Eyken. “She treats everyone with respect and dignity and I am often given unsolicited positive comments about her work and her attitude. I could not do my job without her.”

As Denise walked into the Greater Milford Boys & Girls Club gymnasium on Friday afternoon for what she thought was a routine assembly, she was surprised by friends, family and the children of the Club.

“I was completely surprised and at a lost for words,” commented Denise as she wiped tears from her eyes. “I always try to make everyone happy here and want them to enjoy their time with us. It makes my day to be able to help them.” Denise has been with the Greater Milford Boys & Girls Club for three years and looks forward to helping build Milford’s next generation of leaders for many years to come.