Smile For Freedom 5K Race Results


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The Chamber of Commerce for Greater Milford along with Milford Parks and Recreation, kicked off the 2013 Riverwalk “Freedom” Festival on Thursday September 5th, with the Smile For Freedom 5K Run/Walk. Sponsors of the event Extreme Total Fitness and Abbott’s Grill helped to raise proceeds to support the American Cancer Society and their effort to increase awareness of cancer research and treatment.

Results from Smile for Freedom 5K Run/3K Walk

Age Group First Place Male First Place Female
Walkers Hal Solomon Connie Berezowski
Overall Todd Pettyjohn Amanda Medd
13 and Under Ryan Betts Emily Holstein
14 to 19 Jake McKelby Sabrina Nosher
20-29 Heath Carley Jessica Hickman
30-39 David Wilcutts Courtney Spath
40-49 David Vezmar Patricia Metz
50-59 Dickie Burgess Jeri Fleetwood
60 and Over Al Burk Gwen Guerke


Shared By the Chamber of Commerce for Greater Milford

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