Riverwalk Festival Holds Burger Eating Challenge


The First Annual Burgers-N-Beans “Burger Eating Contest” was held on Saturday, September 7 at the 2013 Riverwalk “Freedom” Festival. The winner Travis “The Mauler” McCabe, ate 5 Burger-N-Bean’s Two-Patty Burgers including buns in only 10 minutes.  His strategy was to eat slow and steady and it worked as he was declared the winner.

“Travis won fame and fortune.  He received a $100.00 Burgers-N-Beans gift card and will be forever known as the first winner of our first ever Burger Eating Contest,” Johnston said.

Bruce Johnston, Co-Owner of Burgers-N-Beans used a megaphone to analyze and commentate throughout the Burger Eating Contest.  At one time he told the participants it “looked like they were eating at a Sunday picnic” and challenged them that he would get in next year to show them how it was done.  At the end of the competition Johnston told the eaters that did not win the contest and those in the crowd who want to eat in next year’s contest, to train through out the year at Burgers-N-Beans, as he smiled.

Friday Night During “Operation Giveback” Burgers-N-Beans donated over 150 free meals to Veterans and Current Military members.  Two-Star General, Major General Valvala of the Delaware Army National Guard was on hand to lead the crowd with the “Pledge Of Allegiance” for the opening ceremonies.