Council Approves Bocce Court, Confirms Fall Events


cityhall211111City Council Approves Construction of Bocce Ball Court

On Monday, September 9, 2013, Milford City Council approved a request from Gary Emory, Parks and Recreation Supervisor, to begin the construction of a bocce ball court in Bicentennial Park. The city hopes to have the court completed by spring 2014. In March 2013, council approved selling land donated by Henry Masten in 1985 for use as a park with the proceeds designated for the construction of the bocce ball court.

“My request to council is that the $18,800 realized from the sale of the Masten Park property be used for the construction of the bocce ball court, and to help offset the ongoing restoration of the basketball courts at Banneker,” Mr. Emory said. “The Milford Senior Center is very interested in having this court put in place, and they have offered to coordinate with us to lend out equipment, and they plan to use the court fairly heavily.”

“What type of turf is installed on the field?” Councilman Skip Pikus asked. Mr. Emory explained that it is synthetic turf and that it requires very little maintenance. The court will be located near the Growmark property where the entertainment stage was located during the recent Riverwalk Freedom Festival. The court will be designed so that the borders of the court can be removed during festivals planned in the park.

“We initially wanted two courts, but the bids came in high,” Mr. Emory explained. “The lowest bid we received was $33,809, and the company came highly recommended. We established $20,000 in our budget this year for the court, and the $18,800 from the Masten Park sale would cover the remaining costs for one court.” City Manager Richard Carmean advised Mr. Emory that the area in front of the new water treatment facility along Bicentennial Park would also be an area that the department could use for another park area.

“I think this bocce ball court is a great idea for the park,” Mr. Carmean stated. Councilwoman Katrina Wilson asked Mr. Emory what was being done at the basketball courts.

“We are completely refurbishing the court,” said Mr. Emory. “It is being resurfaced, and when it is done, it will be state-of-the-art. We lease the courts from Milford School District, and this is a place young people gather quite often. It was built 35 years ago, and it was in desparate need of repair. We are doing the majority of the repairs within our budget, and the balance left of the Masten Park funds after the construction of the bocce ball court will help offset this project which cost between $20,000 and $25,000.” Council approved the construction of the bocce ball court and funds for the Banneker basketball courts unanimously.

In other Parks and Recreation news, Mr. Emory advised council that he hoped to have the dog park available by spring, but because the work was being done in-house, with no budget, work was being completed as they had the time and funds.

“So far the project is moving along fairly well,” Mr. Emory explained.

City Council Confirms Fall Events

Milford City Council also confirmed dates at the meeting for several fall events, including the Milford Community Parade, Trick-Or-Treat and Fall Clean-up Week.

“We had some issues with our spring clean-up this year with some people clearing entire lots and piling the bamboo, tree limbs and brush on the curb for us to pick up,” Mr. Carmean explained. “We have an ordinance that says that we will only pick up yard waste that fits in the designated yard waste cans, and if we don’t enforce that, people will simply wait until we do the spring and fall clean-ups to pile yard waste out front.”

The city adjusted the wording in the announcement for Fall Clean-up Week, scheduled for September 30 through October 4, that only small bundles of yard waste piled next to the trash cans would be accepted. For Gold Route (Monday pickup), small yard waste bundles would be picked up on October 2, while Maroon Route (Tuesday and Friday pickup), small yard waste would be picked up October 9. For more information, customers can call 302-422-6616.

City Council also voted to approve the Milford Community Parade for Wednesday, October 16, 2013. Councilman Dirk Gleysteen asked why the parade was October 16 and not October 23, and Mr. Carmean explained that it was always held the third Wednesday of October, which this year is October 16.

Trick-Or-Treat for Milford children is scheduled for Thursday, October 31, 2013 from 6 PM until 8 PM. Only children 12 and under are permitted to engage in trick or treat.