Family Business Spans 3 Generations


14kw CramerA family-owned business for three generations, Satterfield & Ryan has served the Greater Milford and surrounding Delmarva area for 82 years. Located at 8266 N. Union Road in Milford, Satterfield & Ryan’s technicians provide full-service electrical contracting and Generac generator installations for the Delmarva Peninsula. As the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) predicts a 70% likelihood of 13 to 20 named storms during the hurricane season this year, Satterfield & Ryan are preparing for a busy fall.

Founded in 1931 by John Satterfield and H.W. Ryan, Mr. Ryan sold his interest in the company to the current owners’ great uncle, John Satterfield, on September 24, 1932. Upon his retirement John turned the company over to his nephew, Michael Herholdt, as Mike worked and ran the company until his retirement , when he handed the operation of the company over to his sons. Three years ago, after being located in Harrington for several decades, the Herholdt family moved the shop to Milford where their family has lived  for the past 40 years. General Manager Dan Herholdt, who began working for his father’s company most of his life, proudly acknowledges that his father’s influence lives on after his passing just last year.

“He taught us how to deal with people and he was always out in the field taking care of customers. He stressed to us just how important the customer is,” commented Herholdt. “A strong work ethic and communication with people were big things for him. Everyone he met was a potential friend.”

In addition to supplying electrical contracted service on residential, commercial and light industrial properties, Satterfield & Ryan has grown its company to include the installation and maintenance of Generac generators. The generators have become half of the business as the company has seen twenty percent growth from last year. Herholdt points to last year’s large storm Hurricane Sandy and several winter storms as the reasons for significant growth between 2011 to 2012, and believes that the continued growth this year is due to a proactive approach by consumers.

“People are being more proactive instead of reactive when it comes to installing generators, people are seeing what has happened during big storms in the past and are taking action as they look to the future,” commented Herholdt. “On the commercial side businesses want to support and secure the service to their customers and on the residential side people want to stay safe and not be inconvenienced with loss of power.” Satterfield & Ryan has installed Generac generators for local businesses including radio stations 88.7 The Bridge and 97.1 The Wave.

With 200 active customers, Satterfield & Ryan continues to experience success as they hope to hire  more employees with persistent growth. Supporting community events such as the Chamber of Commerce for Greater Milford’s Riverwalk Freedom Festival and Relay for Life, Dan Herholdt is looking to enlarge the community service side of the business.

“We want to be active in our community. Community is very important for us,” commented Dan. “We are a family- and Christian-owned business and our principles are biblical principles. Our business belongs to the Lord first and foremost, without that we would not be here.”

To find out more information about Satterfield & Ryan, individuals are encouraged to call 302-422-4919, visit them online at or friend them on Facebook.