HoopWhirled Offers New Exercise Experience


hoopFeeling unchallenged by her usual workout routine, Cherie Tayrien of Milford discovered a new form of exercise that is increasingly becoming more popular on the East Coast of the United States. Hoopnotica Fitness is an form of exercise where individuals combine elements of dance with a hula hoop to create an exciting and effective workout. A low-impact exercise, Hoopnotica uses a weighted hoop as it tones muscles and provides for an aerobic workout.

Using Hoopnotica as a form of exercise, expression and fun for the last two years, Cherie is now the first and only Certified HoopnoticaFlow Instructor in Delaware. Purchasing a toy hula hoop one day in search of a new form of exercise that would be unique and fun, Cherie started looking online to see if there were hoops sized for adults. As she searched online she was introduced to a new world as she stumbled upon the Hoopnotica workout. Once she mastered the maneuvers herself, she felt compelled to begin her certification to teach others.

“It is more of a workout than you think,” commented Ms. Tayrien. “You are developing muscles to be able to get to the point where you are not thinking about doing it. I discovered so much joy and I wanted to share it with others.”

Cherie is now offering HoopnoticaFlow classes in Milford at the First State Academy of Dance on South Maple Street through her new business called HoopWhirled. Although the classes offer participants an opportunity to burn calories and tone muscles, Cherie states that the workouts also relieve stress and challenge individuals’ creative expression.

“Once you start to learn and realize you are having fun, you do not feel like you are working out any more,” commented Cherie. “As you learn you can continue to challenge yourself and make your own routine to any type of music.”

Cherie admits that many of her students do not know any basic hula hoop skills when they begin classes but by the end of the five-week period they begin to transition moves and become comfortable creating their own workouts. She tells students that elevating the experience to fitness and dance takes a lot of ‘flight time’ , time spent in the hoop, and encourages them to practice at home between classes.

“By the end of the beginners class I want my students to be able to move from one transition to the next, where they can workout and enjoy.” commented Ms. Tayrien. “The more moves you can perform the more expression and creativity you can have.”

Instructor Cherie Tayrien will be hosting the start of her next class on Tuesday, October 22 at the First State Academy of Dance at 107 South Maple Street. Individuals that are interested in signing up for the five-week class should contact Cherie at 302-725-5715 or cherie@hoopwhirled.com to reserve their spot.