Briar Rose Debuts October 18


play1Second Street Players Children’s Dessert Theater will present Briar Rose: The Tale of Sleeping Beauty starting this weekend. The play runs for three days, beginning on Friday, October 18 at 7pm and extending to October 19 and 20 at 1pm.   For the first time ever all three of the shows will feature a ‘Pay What You Can’ admission with no set ticket price. Second Street Players urges the public to bring the whole family and enjoy the theatrical experience.

Based on the Brothers Grimm Story, this clever and charming adaptation of the classic fairy tale of Sleeping Beauty is a wild, comic romp. Briar Rose and the rest of the royal family fall asleep for 100 years after the princess touches the magically cursed rose thorn.  A hilarious parade of doomed princes then fail again and again to revive the princess until a certain prince, who just happens to have a serious kissing phobia, shows up with his side-splittingly funny bodyguard, the two-headed troll.  Audiences will love the clever dialogue, comical characters, lively stage action, great participation and surprise twist of this classic–and comic–retelling.

Directors Bill Walton and Paula Smith bring this delightfully funny show to the stage as the characters ‘break the forth wall’, interacting with children and families in the audience. Theatre goers become part of the play as they help with tasks, ensuring a happy ending.

“It is so important for the kids to see the difference between television and the theatre,” commented Director Bill Walton. “These are live people and when you come into the theatre you enter an entire new world. Kids in the audience will come on stage and become characters, allowing them to experience theatre firsthand.”

One main character simply know as The Queen invokes the audience to help the kingdom prepare a Royal Wedding. Played by actress Allie Buchanan, The Queen is quite a character as her anxious personalty has the entire kingdom running around in a worried panic.

“She is very protective of her daughter Briar Rose but also a lunatic,” commented Allie when asked to describe her character. “Everything has to be in order and done her way, and when it does not she literally passes out.” Allie has been performing with Second Street Players since 2009 both in the Children’s Dessert Theatre and in Main Stage performances.

Briar Rose, played by Elizabeth Stalker, shares some personality traits with her mother as she defies her parents’ warning about playing with roses and their desire for her to be quickly married to the prince. “She is kind of sassy like her mother and very fun to play,” describes Elizabeth. “In the beginning she tries to get her mother to listen to what she wants and by the end of the play she stands up for herself.” Elizabeth has performed with Second Street Players since 2010 when she debuted in Hansel and Gretel.

The Prince, placed by Jayson Felker, is not only very shy and has a phobia of girls but is very cowardly when it comes time to rescue the princess by defeating the briar bushes. “I enjoy the fact that he is always stuttering because I can mess up my line and no one knows,” laughs Jayson. “The Prince is nervous, cowardly and anxious throughout the play and has to be pushed by the two-headed troll to save the princess.”

Directors Bill Walton and Paula Smith are both making their Second Street Players directing debut on October 18 on the opening night of Briar Rose: The Tale of Sleeping Beauty. They both admit that working with children as actors has been both challenging and fun.

“It can be difficult for the kids to stay focused, they want to do so many things and have so many ideas,” commented Walton. “That is also what makes it fun because the kids come up with some great ideas that we have used in the show.”

“It is a lot of fun to be able to put your ideas onto the stage,” commented Smith. “It is exciting to give your ideas to the kids and see them come back with something totally different but great.”

The show opens on Friday, October 18 at the Riverfront Theatre, 2 S. Walnut Street in downtown Milford. The play runs for three days, beginning on Friday, October 18 at 7pm and extending to October 19 and 20 at 1pm. For more information on the play or to reserve tickets, individuals are urged to visit