Local Author Supports Wounded Warriors


A group of talented writers, including Milford author Gail Sobotkin, have contributed 15 true stories, with an element of the supernatural or divine intervention at their core, to complete the newly released Kindle book Mysterious & Miraculous by Angelia Phillips and Alastar Packer. Writing for a great cause, 70% of the book’s earnings will go towards the support of K9s for Wounded Warriors, a non-profit program that assists veterans by rescuing and training K9s to act as service dogs.

Gail Sobotkin and her husband moved from Washingtonville, New York to the Milford area twelve years ago in search for a town that among other things had a “high quality of life.” Before retirement in 2009 Gail worked at the Milford State Service Center as a Medicaid Service Nurse. Working with patients in the Chronic Renal Disease Program, Gail helped to provide life-saving care and treatment for adults with end-stage renal disease. Preparing medical reports and working with local non-profits to compose newsletters and company publications, Gail was able to practice her love of writing, which she fully embraced after retirement.

“My passion has always been writing,” commented Sobotkin. “Whether I am writing fiction or non-fiction I believe in stories that really touch people’s hearts. Even through stories of distress I believe writing can be uplifting and show people there is hope.”

Interacting with writers on the internet through the online community Hub Pages, Gail was able to meet with Angelia Phillips, author of Mysterious & Miraculous. After reading several writings that Gail had posted on the online forum, Angelia asked Gail to be one of the fifteen writers to be featured in her book that emphasizes stories of miracles, supernatural events and divine intervention.

Although Gail’s medical work with renal failure patients may seem like the likely fit for writing a story on miraculous events, it was a medical miracle in Gail’s own family as a child that inspired the story ‘Catalyst’. The story tells of a heart attack that her father experienced as Gail’s parents were in the middle of a divorce. As her mother rushed to the hospital, her father was resuscitated several times and brought back to life. In that moment as he was hanging on to life, Gail’s mother prayed for him to come back. Fighting death face on, Gail’s father came back from the brink of life and lived with the family for fourteen more years.

Although Sobotkin is proud of her first publication she is just as excited about the cause that her work will go to support. With her husband being a disabled veteran of the Vietnam War, Gail has seen Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) take a hold on many veterans and the good that service dogs can provide for the health of those burdened with the disease.

“To me the best part about all this is the cause to the veterans,” commented Sobotkin. “I saw my husband struggle with PTSD and to be able to help other veterans going through this I feel honored.”

The Kindle version of Mysterious & Miraculous can be ordered from Amazon.com or from Angelia Phillip’s, Sibling Synergy website at: http://www.flashnee.com/sibling-synergy-shoppe.html. Copies may also be purchased from Alastar Packer’s, The Carolinian’s Archives website at: http://alastarpacker.weebly.com/book-shoppe.html .